Why I Started Blogging

As you probably have already read in my About Me section, it was friend who first started me off on the blogging path.

I blame (and thank) my mummy and fellow blogger Filipa from Gourmet Mum for this whole experience. A passing comment in conversation with Fleeps (about me starting a blog) got me thinking.

Is it something I would enjoy?

When I was younger I loved to write. I would write stories and letters (including to two pen pals) and I loved studying English at school. I even chose three essay based subjects at A level. So obviously I'm a sucker for writing.

The answer, therefore, was yes. I would enjoy it!

Is it something I could do?

I did excessively well in my English studies while at school, I even got onto a great course to continue studying it at university (which I chose to decline for personal reasons). My love of writing makes it easier, and I just seem to be a natural with words (ask my husband - I never shut up!)

The answer, therefore, was yes. It is something I could do.

Is it something I could fit in?

I am a pregnant housewife, and stay-at-home mother, who works part-time at GAME (only when my girl is in nursery) and runs her own business from home. I am the master of giving myself too much to do. However, there are times when I am at home, doing nothing, that I felt could be used to write about my life. Choosing to write a blog about pregnancy and motherhood meant that I would never be short of ideas.

The answer, therefore, was yes. I am crazy enough to find time to fit it in. Besides, I am now on maternity leave from GAME and my business and Little L is (fingers crossed) a good few weeks away from making an appearance. So I have got a little bit of time on my hands!

Two months on from writing my first post, I am still learning. I am still discovering new things about the blogging world, about the platform I have chosen to write on and about how it all works. However I wouldn't change the fact that I started.

I have found this world to be somewhere I completely fit. I am loving my blog, but also, I love the people I meet because of my blog.

Being involved in series such as my Parenting YOUR Way series; writing guest posts for others; joining linkies; and taking part in adventures such as #Blogtober16 has immersed me in a whole new world. I have made new friends, found new followers and I love the sense of community you get when chatting to fellow blogggers.

According to Fleeps, my next step is to start vlogging - natural progression and all that. For now though, I think I'll stick with what I'm discovering I'm actually good at (and being on camera is not something I consider myself good at!)