Y is for... Younger Me

I don't think there is much to say about the younger me to be honest... at the ripe old age of twenty five, I'm still quite young as it is! I thought I'd share a few old photos and a little bit about my childhood though, so enjoy!

My parents married in 1990, and after a wee while I arrived. I was born at my parents home in Great Barr (Birmingham) in 1991, but spent most of my childhood in Burnham and Slough a bit further south.

I grew up in a big family, with plenty of amazing great grandparents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins around through out my childhood.

I am fortunate to this day, that I still have all four of my grandparents and my family just never seems to stop growing - with my brother and cousins adding to our number by getting married. 

As a child I was very outgoing, I loved to talk... all the time. If you ask anyone who knew me back then, they'd probably tell you I never shut up. Then again, my friends would probably say the same now.

I also loved to sing to pretty much anyone who would listen.  I took part in choirs at primary and secondary school and even had the amazing opportunity to sing for the queen and her husband. 

Apart from the usual schooling and play dates and hanging out with my family, the other thing I loved to do when I was young was play games. I loved to be outdoors, and I loved to role play - whether it was playing mummy to my doll or hosting a teddy bear tea party.

As is the case with a fair few members o my family, I was also a massive animal lover. Any opportunity to visit a local farm was snapped up.

It's amazing seeing photos of me when I was young, enjoying activities such as pretend tea parties or trips out to see the animals. Especially as these are things that I now see my own daughter enjoying.

I love that I was lucky enough to grow up in a happy, Christian home, with both my parents and my two younger brothers.

As I grew up and met friends from various backgrounds - each with their own story to tell - I became more aware of how lucky I was.

When I was young, I had an amazing childhood and all I want now is to be able to provide the same experience to my own daughter.  

I am not saying everything was always perfect, as nothing ever is. However I am grateful for the way I was raised, and for the memories I have.  

While my little ones are young, I want to create memories with her, just as my family did with me. 


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