Induction Can Be OK // by Babies and Beauty

Note from Naomi: Today's post is a guest post from Emily, a fellow mummy blogger who has been blogging for three and a half year about parenting, beauty and lifestyle over at Babies and Beauty. She is a beautiful mother to two gorgeous sons, parenting alongside her partner. She has written a guest post for me today, about how induction can be OK - in spite of the horror stories you may have heard! Make sure you check out her blog over at Babies and Beauty.

Whilst I was pregnant with my first son Noah, the one thing I truly dreaded more than medical intervention, was an induction. It didn't help that it seemed the two went hand in hand - being that statistics for any form of intervention were much higher if you had been induced.

Inductions always came with horror stories and it felt so rare to read a positive experience. Obviously fast forward to a very pregnant 41+5 me, laying in hospital, being induced. I was absolutely dreading everything - everyone told me inductions were hard, slow, and intense. Great! I sat laid back casually as I received my pessary because - since having three 'failed' sweeps - it didn't seem so unusual having a nurse route around downstairs.

It was mid-day and my Mum and partner had gone to stock up on snacks and magazines as we anticipated we could be here for days.

Imagine my absolute delight when I started getting pains almost instantly - it sounds crazy to be excited for pain but when you feel like you've had the longest pregnancy on earth, I was willing every cramp along.

Yes they hurt - a lot - but I have no idea if they were more intense or painful than a non-induction because I only had my own experience to go off.

During the time I was in labour, hours flew by like minutes and before we knew it, it was 10 pm and I was pushing. I couldn't believe how far we'd come so quickly. A mere five hours in established labour and my baby was born, safe, happy and healthy; and a whopping 9 pounds 13 ounces!

There was no days spent on drips waiting for something to kick start; and no medical intervention - just good old gas and air. 

Just two years later we planned and conceived our second child.

This time around I was desperate for an induction. I'd had such a positive experience that I was comfortable with that I really wanted to have the same scenario again. No gruelling 45 minute car ride to hospital in labour, to possibly be sent home again. No sitting around in waiting rooms to see if they had a bed. Just going in, getting my pessary and having a baby.

I assumed - probably quite naively - that I would go overdue again and naturally believed my body probably was a bit too lazy to start things off itself.

Imagine my shock when my waters broke at 29 weeks! Thankfully not all of them went, and baby managed to hang on till 36 weeks - when, although not in the circumstances I would ever want - I got my induction.

Baby number 2 arrived into the world just as easily as baby number 1. 

I do feel lucky. I also feel like positive induction stories are so hard to come across, because everyone seems to want to tell you the worst case scenario.

That just wasn't it for us.

If I ever do decide to have a third, I'll be secretly hoping that once again I will get an induction.