Being a Cloth Bum Mum

Me and cloth were certainly not immediate best friends. If you had asked me before I had R whether I would be delving into the world of washable nappies the answer would have been a definitive, “no!’.

Well that soon changed.

As you can probably guess, we didn’t start off with cloth nappies. For the first three months after R was born we used disposables. The problem was, it didn’t matter if we used the market leader or a supermarket own brand; they all resulted in horrible nappy rash, blisters, nappy sores and lesions. The Dr simply told us that R was reacting badly to the nappies, with a possible allergy prescribed creams to try. They didn’t work.

The big misconception is that cloth nappies are all like the old-school terry towels with nappy pins. My immediate thought was that cloth involved a lot of folding and faffing, plus pre-soaking and of course washing. However, despite those styles still being available, cloth nappies are now a lot easier to use and have so much variety.
After being introduced to the true cloth nappy world by a friend who uses them, and doing a little research ourselves, we soon decided it was the way to go. My main source of information about moving to cloth was the Go Real website.

The brands we have so far used are Little Lamb, Tots Bots and Little Bloom (in conjunction with inserts from Little Lamb).

We used a variety of types for different purposes as follows:

Day time
Little Lamb pocket nappies with a folding insert.
Little Bloom Birth-to-potty (BTP) pocket nappies with a Little Lamb folding insert.
Night time
Little Lamb bamboo nappies with fleecy liner and bombproof wraps.
Travelling Long Distances
Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch & PeeNut Wrap

For a full review of the Little Lamb branded items we used, visit my Cloth Nappies // Little Lamb post.

My Top 10 Reasons for LOVING Cloth Nappies

  1. They are better for the environment.
    Disposable nappies fill up landfills and take hundreds of years to degrade. With the average number of disposables used by one child being between 6000-10,000, that is a lot of nappies filling up our landscape. Cloth nappies by nature are reusable, which means that you wash them rather than throwing them on a landfill!
  2. It’s as easy as, 1, 2, 3.
    Unless you choose to use them (as they are still available to buy), the old-school terry towel nappies with their folding and nappy pins are a thing of the past. Apart from the fact that you have to wash, dry and put them together, cloth nappies are no different than using disposables. They are just as easy to use.
  3. There are so many options.
    Not only do nappies come in different brands, but there are multiple styles which all work well for different uses. For full information about which type would work best for you, you can read up on them at Go Real or Baby Center.
  4. They can be plain or pretty.
    Quite a lot of dresses come with little knickers to put over the top of nappies in order to cover them up and make them fit in with the outfit. When it comes to a cloth bum however, there is no need to use them. The nappies are gorgeous on their own. I don’t think there is anything nicer than seeing that cute little bum wrapped in a gorgeous cloth nappy.
  5. They are comfortable
    Lets be honest, if you had to choose, you wouldn’t give up a nice pair of cotton underwear in exchange for a paper version, would you? (Post-partum mums excluded!) The proof of how comfortable cloth nappies are, is in how much better R slept once we moved her out of disposables and into cloth.
  6. They are nicer to baby’s bum.
    I cannot express how much I love how quickly all the problems we had with R’s skin sensitivity to the disposable nappies cleared up once we put her in cloth nappies. This point needs no further explanation!
  7. It saves you money.
    We worked out that if we had spent the same amount of money as in the first couple of months up until R was potty trained (at around 3 years old), we would have ended up spending over £2000 on disposable nappies. In total we have spent around £500 on the cloth stash we now have. This includes the newborn ones I recently bought for L, and the pull ups we used before R went into knickers. Even if R & L are the only two children we have, we will have saved an absolute fortune by using cloth.
  8. Less mess.
    I cannot count the amount of times we had to deal with leakage and ‘poo-spolsions’ when R was in disposables. As long as we had her in the correct size, and they were put on her properly, cloth nappies did not cause the same issues.
  9. Less smell.
    I always found that there was a funny chemical smell that emanated from the disposable nappies when R had been for the toilet in them. Plus, even when sealed inside a nappy bag, they would still make the bin stink well before it needed emptying. The natural fibres of the cloth nappies meant that there was no smell (apart from if she did a poo, obviously) when we had R in cloth nappies. Also with the regular washing of cloth nappies, there is no smell bin to contend with. Winning combination if you ask me.
  10. They can be used again.
    This may seem like a stupid point as cloth nappies are, by nature, reusable. However, even though there may be a little bit of a wait for them to fit, the great thing about using cloth is that all of our size 1 and size 2 Little Lamb nappies will still be able to be used once our new baby grows into them. Plus any other children we have in the future can use them too.