Introducing my ‘Parenting YOUR Way’ Series

Today I thought I would pop up a quick post about my upcoming blog series called, ‘Parenting YOUR Way’. The series will feature some Q&A posts, guest blogger posts and of course, some of my own entries.

The idea behind the series is to give you a candid insight into real life experiences of different parenting styles, from the parents who have lived through them. Hopefully this series will both open people’s eyes to the truths about parenting, and give expectant parents a little bit of first-hand information to help them decide what they think will work for them.

The plan is to cover as many different aspects of parenting as you can think of. This will include everything from baby wearing to being a single parent.

If you wish to take part you can read how to here.

There is no such thing as, ‘normal’ when it comes to parenting. Simply put? It’s mums and dads trying to work out how to do the best they can.

There is no ‘right’ way to parent your children. There is only your way.