Cloth Bum Interview // My Little Babog

Note from Naomi: Today's post is an interview with Kellie from My Little Babog about her experience of being a cloth bum mum. Make sure you check out her blog over at My Little Babog.


How many children do you have? How old are they?

I have four. My little Babog is almost twelve weeks old, next we have a thirteen-month-old, a two-year-old and a six year old. Busy, busy.

When did you first start using cloth?

I started using reusable cloth nappies just over a year ago.

What made you decide to start using cloth?

Aside from the cute prints - and how good they are for the environment - I was thinking about having two in nappies. Who knew I was would have three in nappies a few months later.

Cloth nappies are a lot bulkier than disposable ones. Does this affect the clothing that you are able to dress your children in?

My toddler has outgrown all our cloth nappies, so he’s back in disposables for the next couple of months until he shows signs of being ready for potty training. When he was in them I struggled to get nice jeans and chinos to fit him, so he wore a lot of leggings.

I find with the girls I just have to go up a size in their trousers. Leggings or tights tend to be a good fit and I sometimes use vest extenders too.

Do you have to buy a special changing bag to be able to fit the bulky cloth nappies in with everything else you also require when going out?

Nope, I have to have a big bag regardless, three under three comes with a lot of baggage. I’m just short of pulling around a suitcase.

I love the wide variety of styles and designs available in cloth nappies. What is your top reason for loving cloth nappies?

My top reason for loving cloth has to be the savings.

I received my first lot of nappies through my blog for review; I then bought a heap of second-hand ones (all in excellent condition). I also buy them whenever I see them on sale, in Aldi for example.

Which type of cloth nappies do you use, and why?

I use a variety of cloth nappies.

I like all-in-ones because they are quick, easy and fuss free for daddy when he’s changing a bum.

What is your favourite brand of cloth nappy and why?

That’s a really tough question.

If daddy was to answer I know he would say Bambino Mio in a heartbeat, as they mirror disposables with the velcro. That man has serious issues with snaps.

I love Wonderoos, Baba + Boo, Bambino Mio and Tots Bots. Baba + Boo are our night nappies (with an extra booster), and I find them the best for my heavier wetter.

Before I started using cloth, we had to deal with everything from nappy sores to poo-spolsions (stained clothing included). Have you ever experienced these whilst using cloth?

This is a question I’m always asked.

We have never had a poo-spolsion with cloth unless the baby is sick which is very rare. And my boy, the toddler, he could have one every other week. Cloth seems to contain explosions more than disposables in my opinion.

As for the nappy rash, my two girls have never had a rash in cloth nappies. They’ve had a pink or red bum if they’ve pooed overnight but never a proper nappy rash.

Do you find that other people judge your decision to be a cloth bum mum, and if so, how do you deal with that?

My family think I’m off my head anyways, I just brush it off.

As for everyone else, they are intrigued and very surprised and how much cloth nappies mirror disposables; and of course the prints! They, "oo" and, "ah" over the cute designs.

Do you make other people use your cloth nappies when looking after your children, or let them use disposables if they are more comfortable doing so?

At first, I left disposables for the family when they were minding our kids, but now I leave cloth. They are well used to them now.

Would you ever consider stopping using cloth nappies and moving to the more mainstream disposable brands?

Not even if you paid me.

What is the hardest thing about using cloth nappies?

The poos! I use flushable liners but some still get on the nappy and I have to rinse that out to prevent staining. But I’m used to it now at the same time, it’s just the daily routine.

How do you clean your cloth nappies?

In the washing machine of course!

I do a prewash; followed by a 40° or 60° - depending on stink and stains - with a full scoop of powder in the drum; followed by another prewash afterwards, just to make sure all the suds are out.

Can you use a tumble dryer to dry your nappies (for example in the winter when the weather does not allow for drying them outside)?

I could, on a low heat but we don’t have a dryer.

If I’m desperate I’ll throw them on a low heat in nana’s - but other than that they go on the radiators over-night.

What do you do when you go on holiday?

I’ve three under three, we haven’t done holidays just yet! If I were to go away, our cloth would be with us too.

I have found that using cloth nappies is very addictive, I love the massive variety available... Do you find it's the same for you or is they simply functional?

Using cloth nappies is highly addictive! I do have to hold myself back when I see a cute print...

If I want a new nappy I sell an old one in a FSOT group on Facebook. It funds my habit, and keeps daddy off my back.

Will you be using a cloth alternative to pull-ups when you move on to potty training?

I would like to think I would use a cloth alternative, but who knows.

Will you use cloth in the future on any other children you may have?

There will be no more! Three under three is the best contraceptive any woman or man for that matter could ask for.

If you could speak to yourself before starting to use cloth nappies, what is the one piece of advice you would give yourself?

I would tell myself to watch YouTube videos on how to apply a cloth nappy correctly.

We had a lot of leaks in our early days and it took me awhile to figure out how to apply them properly.