A Family Passion for Music // by Mrs Mummy Harris

Note from Naomi: Today's post is a guest post from Lianne, a fellow mummy blogger who has been blogging for about six months. She is mama to her eight month old son. She has written a guest post for me today, about how music is her way of parenting! Make sure you check out her blog over at Mrs Mummy Harris.

When I said I would write a post for Naomi, I had to have a hard think as to something we do as parents that makes our ideals different to others or something we do specifically to make our life easier. Discussing this with Hubby we both seemed to bounce off of each other and we realised the one thing that we do as parents for Ben that is "Parenting our way" revolves around music.

Music has always been a massive constant in both mine and Hubby's life. Having two parents who met whilst competing in Latin American and Ballroom dance competitions it was no wonder that I started dancing from the age of two until I was sixteen. As a kid you would find me at home learning the dance routines from the last Top of the Pops episode which I had taped and once I stopped dancing, I discovered alternative music. I have been in a mosh pit or two and still love a good old dance around the house (our kitchen seems to be the area where a collective dance occurs.)

Hubby and his mum have a lovely memory of him as a child walking along the kitchen worktops and on tables singing Phantom of the Opera with his mum playing the part of Christine! As he grew up he found a love of alternative music (a lot heavier than mine) but also found a love of instruments from the age of six to which he's tried his hand at the piano, trombone and guitar.

Between us both, our music tastes vary through many genres such as: Pop, Emo, Musicals, Jazz, Blues, RnB, Rock, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Classical, Ska, Rap, Reggee, Industrial (I call it crappy gothy music) and the list could go on!!

We started introducing music to Ben in the car with the radio on, when we changed his nappies we'd also have some music on and once he was dressed again we'd do a little dance on his changing mat. In the mornings when I was in the kitchen sorting our breakfast I also put on music to occupy him whilst I was in the other room.

To both me and Hubby, we feel music is important as it gives people a hobby whether it be watching musicals, listening to classical music, playing an instrument, dancing or just to have in the background whilst cleaning the house.

An appreciation of varied genres, we feel can help instill values in Ben. I would be devastated if he became one of those people who refused to talk to someone just because of the way they dressed and the music they listened to. This comes from Hubby being a Goth when he was younger but also as I dressed pretty chavvy but listened to both Pop, Emo and Metal. We do not want our child to judge someone by their look or interests. We want him to know everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Hopefully through music, Ben will learn important life lessons and also appreciate a wide variety of genres. Just last week we all went to a family rave - not our kind of music at all but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Ben really loved bopping to the beats and he loved it when the music dropped!