Cloth Bum Interview // Plutonium Sox

Note from Naomi: Today's post is an interview with Nat from Plutonium Sox about her experience of being a cloth bum mum. Make sure you check out her blog over at Plutonium Sox.

How old are your children?

I have two girls, aged 4 & 2.

When did you first start using cloth?

From the day my eldest was born. We started from day one with the youngest too.

What made you decide to start using cloth?

Because it's the right thing to do.

I hate the disposable culture. Take-away cups; disposable nappies; single-use carrier bags; the list goes on.

Cloth nappies are an easy way to make a small difference - or at least not contribute to the problem.

Cloth nappies are a lot bulkier than disposable ones. Does this affect the clothing that you are able to dress your child in?


Do you have to buy a special changing bag to be able to fit the bulky cloth nappies in with everything else you also require when going out?

No, I just tend to pick up whatever bags are available at the charity shop. Not even necessarily a changing bag, a large handbag has always been fine.

I love the wide variety of styles and designs available in cloth nappies. What is your top reason for loving cloth nappies?

The environmental benefit and the cost saving! I paid Β£125 for a full set of birth to potty nappies in 2012 and they've seen me through two children. I think the average person spends about Β£40 on nappies each month so we've saved a fortune!

Which type of cloth nappies do you use and why?

We use Bamboo Pop-ins because they are SUPER absorbent and hypo-allergenic. We don't need to change them any more regularly than disposable nappies as they're so effective.

What is your favourite brand of cloth nappy and why?

I don't know much about them to be honest, we've stuck with our one brand since birth so I like them!

Before I started using cloth, we had to deal with everything from nappy sores to poo-spolsions (stained clothing included). Have you ever experienced these whilst using cloth?

Oh nooo! No issues with nappy rash when you use natural fabrics on their skin. Plus cloth nappies tend to hold everything in, so 'poonamis' don't happen!

Do you find that other people judge your decision to be a cloth bum mum, and if so, how do you deal with that?

Definitely. People seem to think I'm trying to be the 'perfect mum' by using cloth, when in fact it's actually very little to do with being a mum.

I try to make the choices that I feel are right. Buying from charity shops, not eating meat, avoiding palm oil and doing my best to cut down on waste. So cloth nappies are just the mum version of doing the stuff I do in life.

How do I deal with it? I'm quite blunt I'm afraid, the answer usually ends in, "".

Do you make other people use your cloth nappies when looking after your child, or let them use disposables if they are more comfortable doing so?

We used cloth nappies with my eldest while she was at nursery. With my youngest, when she started to go to nursery one morning a week, we bought a pack of disposables for them because the cloth nappies we were using were falling apart.

We were having to secure them with pins and I didn't feel comfortable with asking someone else to do that. This was only for a few weeks anyway because she was potty trained after that.

Would you ever consider stopping using cloth nappies and moving to the more mainstream disposable brands?


What is the hardest thing about using cloth nappies?

Keeping up with the washing!

How do you clean your cloth nappies?

They go in a bucket with nappy solution to soak as soon as they're taken off, then we wash them on a high temperature in the washing machine.

Can you use a tumble dryer to dry your nappies (for example in the winter when the weather does not allow for drying them outside)?

I think we can and we've done so once or twice when we've been on holiday, but we've never done it at home as we don't have one.

What do you do when you go on holiday?

We use cloth nappies and wash them while we're away.

I have found that using cloth nappies is very addictive, I love the massive variety available... Do you find it's the same for you or are they simply functional?

Definitely just functional! I do get that they can look fab but I can't really get excited about nappies!

Will you be using a cloth alternative to pull-ups when you move on to potty training?

We're potty training now and just used normal pants with reusable pull-ups over them. This also means they feel when they're wet.

Disposable pull-ups can make it a bit more difficult for children to learn when they need to go because the moisture is drawn away from them straight away when they wee.

Will you use cloth in the future on any other children you may have?

If I had any intention of having more children I'd definitely use cloth nappies again!

If you could speak to yourself before starting to use cloth nappies, what is the one piece of advice you would give yourself?

Go for it, you're doing the right thing and it will work out perfectly.