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You may have seen my post about being a cloth bum mum (which can be read here) and I thought that I would expand further by reviewing the nappies that make up 90% of my cloth nappy stash.

The nappies that we mostly use are Little Lamb. If you want to check the brand out, they have an awesome website and are also active on Facebook and Instagram.

There are a few different styles of nappy and three of these1 that we used for R. The ones we used were pocket nappies, birth-to-potty pocket nappies and fitted nappies (or two-part nappies as they are sometimes referred to). We used these for different purposes as follows:

Day time
Little Lamb pocket nappies with a folding insert.
Birth-to-potty (BTP) pocket nappies with a Little Lamb folding insert.
Night time
Little Lamb bamboo nappies with fleecy liner and bombproof wraps.

One Size Pocket Nappies

These nappies are the ones that make up the majority of my (rather large) cloth nappy stash. The Little Lamb version is available in three sizes, but we only used size 1 (to fit approx. 7-20lbs) and size 2 (to fit approx. 20-38lbs) before R moved out of them when we toilet trained her. As the name suggests, these nappies are made up of a waterproof outer layer and a microfiber inner layer creating a pocket to insert the bamboo absorbent layer.

These nappies are really simple to use, all you have to do is fold the absorbent bamboo insert and pop it inside. They come with a double gusseted outer layer, gentle elasticated edging, bamboo insert & microfiber lining.

The bigger she got, the heavier she would wet (who knew that such a small human being could hold so much wee?!) To increase the absorbency of the nappies for these massive wees, we added in the Little Lamb double thickness bamboo boosters. I used them inside the pocket nappies alongside the folding insert.

BTP Pocket Nappies

These nappies are pretty much the same as the one size nappies that we used. The only difference is that they have poppers down the front and on the sides to allow you to change the size of the nappy.

There is a huge range of awesome prints and plain BTP nappies available from Little Lamb and they are reasonably priced too (especially considering you don’t need to buy the next size up when baby outgrows the first size!) They come complete with two of the awesome Little Lamb bamboo boosters. If, like me, you quite like the idea of using the pocket nappy inserts you can also get them separately.

The popper design meant that as R grew, we were able to use the same nappy without having to continually update our stash to buy the next size up. We then used the same size 1 and size 2 inserts and boosters from Little Lamb inside these nappies, simply changing which ones we put in dependent on the size that we had the poppers set to.

Although they are called birth-to-potty, having now invested in some newborn size ones, I have realised that even on their smallest setting they are not quite as tiny as they perhaps need to be. Regardless, they will still be around when little Baby L fits into them.

Fitted Nappies

When R began to sleep through the night, we found that she was weeing in her sleep, and often this would love wake her up because she hated feeling dirty and wet. We found the best solution was to use the fitted nappies, which, instead of having an absorbent insert are completely absorbent. This does mean that you have to have a wrap around the outside in order to contain the liquid, but it made R so much more comfortable, and she went back to sleeping through the night.

Little Lamb do four different types of fitted nappies: bamboo; microfibre; and cotton. We chose to go for the bamboo ones. Again, these come in multiple sizes, of which we used size 1 and size 2. The size 1 nappies come with a separate bamboo insert and fleece liner. The size 2 have the insert attached and come with a separate fleece liner.

When we first purchased the Little Lamb fitted nappies, only plain colours were available when purchasing their bombproof wraps. They now have a gorgeous range of patterned wraps. Although I don’t need any new ones but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with some anyway, simply because I love them!

As with the pocket nappies, we found that as she wet heavier even these wonderful absorbent bamboo beauties needed a little help when it came to containing that wee. So we added in the same double thickness boosters as I mentioned before, placing them between the bamboo nappy and wrap to boost the absorbency.

Out and About

The one thing that I was always worried about when looking into using cloth, was going out of our home. A few questions crossed my mind: Would I be able to use a normal changing bag? What happens with the dirty nappy if I need to change R while we’re out?

I shouldn’t have worried.

It’s no harder to use cloth nappies than it is to use disposables. We were able to continue using the same changing bag (a Babymoov one which my mom had bought for us before R was born on Amazon). I am pretty much just like Mary Poppins when it comes to packing a bag. I have to make sure that I have everything we could possibly need just in case. Even though we had to fit bigger, bulkier nappies inside the bag, we were still able to get everything else from wipes to snacks in it too.

Changing times when we were out were still just as simple (as simple as they can be when you’re wrestling a wriggling baby). The only difference was that we would have to store the nappy in a wet bag, rather than popping them in a nappy bag and throwing them away.

In the changing bag we’d use our Little Lamb waterproof pullstring wet bag. I bought more than one so we could have different colours! We also have a large zipped wet bag I bought during Real Nappy Week from Little Lamb. They have awesome patterns available and the larger size makes it perfect for a couple of days worth of nappies.

Washing Cloth Nappies

This was certainly the part that worried me the most. To this day my husband won’t wash them, and my mum will let me use her washing machine when we visit but won’t put them in herself!

As long as I tipped solid pops down the loo and swilled off any not-so-solid bits, before putting them in the nappy bin, it was no where near as gross! I’m a little OCD, and even I managed to get used to it and it no longer bothers me.

It’s as simple as making sure each part of makes loose in the washing machine, with non-bio wash (we use Fairy) and pop it on a 60° wash.

Little Lamb nappies are parcelled up with an awesome guide on how to care for your nappies. The lovely people behind the brand were kind enough to provide me with a digital copy, which you can view here. This guide is awesome, and no other brands I have ever ordered have come with anything like this!

If In Doubt…

If you are unsure about anything, they also have a fabulous team who are great when it comes to answering any queries you may have. You can fill out the form on their website or email vicky@littlelamb.co.uk.

1 There is a number of types which you can use, and if you are unsure what will work for you, there are trial packs available here.
2 You can buy these in kits which will work out a lot cheaper than buying individual nappies.

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Please note, this review is not a sponsored post, all the products I reviewed were purchased at full price by myself and my husband. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.