Hi! I'm Naomi, a wife and mummy, based in the UK, creating beautiful handmade crochet items for babies and children here at Mama Naii's Crochet.

The Story Behind the Business

Leading up to my first born daughter's first birthday (and while I was still on maternity leave from my job as a retail manager) I began teaching myself to crochet. Yep, you read that right. I am 100% self taught! I had tried to knit and couldn't get anywhere with it, so I decided to try crochet instead.

After a short while, I began to realise that I could not only do it, but I was actually really good at it. Soon after, I fell in love with crochet. My first project, in fact, was a pretty big one. I made a Minnie Mouse themed dress, some decorations and party favours for Squidgy's first birthday party. They were pretty good (if I do say so myself!)

Friends and family who attended were amazed by how much effort had gone into the party, including all my handmade additions. It wasn't long before I had people asking where I had bought the dress, and other items from. When they realised I had made them myself, they started asking me to make them items too

Out of this, Mama Naii's Crochet was born. I set myself up a Facebook page and other social media accounts, joined some friendly business boosting groups and began to build my business. Soon I was regularly getting orders, and so my business grew and in just over a year it became profitable!

Now my business is thriving (even now, after I took time out to have our second baby!) and has become a big part of my family and life.


My Products

Now that I am running my business while writing my blog and raising two children, I decided it was best to streamline my product range to offer just my two best sellers. These are my star blankets and my "Gerald" the giraffe CE tested soft toy. Below is a brief over view, but if you would like full details on sizes, lead times, and prices, you can visit my Product and Postage Details page.

Star Blankets

These blankets are made to order in a number of sizes to suit different uses and different budgets and prices start at just £10 for a 10” comforter.

They can be made in a variety of colours, and although rainbow seems to be the most popular choice, I have also made a couple of neutral ones and even one to match the colours of the wee one's nursery!

Gerald the Giraffe

Gerald is by far the most often ordered product in my range and can be made in most colours, although the most popular to date has been rainbow.

I offer colour combinations of three, five or seven colours of your choice.

As he is fully CE tested, Gerald is also safe from birth!

Even though I am only officially offering these two products now, I am still happy to take on custom orders, and can't wait to see what my customers order from me this year!



Over time I have had a number of reviews - and they have all been 5*. I love what I do and love that my customers do too! You can read their thoughts here.


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My Terms and Conditions

As with any business, I have to make sure that there are ground rules set out to protect my customers and me. For my full terms and conditions visit this page.


Contact Me

You can also email me at mamanaiiscrochet@hotmail.com