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One of the things that I promised myself (and my family) this year, was that we would get outside more. The idea is to enjoy being together, get some fresh air and stay healthy. As part of this promise, we have been making trips to our local park, Ferry Meadows, once a week when John is off work, regardless of the weather.

It is a fabulous place to go with the family, as there are so many things to do there. We always begin our trips with a visit to the duck feeding platform, where Squidgy throws food at the ducks for the ducks. The best part is, the small shop near the entrance offers special duck pellets so that you can safely feed them without harming them (as bread is bad for them!)

I have to admit, however, that the gulls can be mighty frustrating... they are always there, trying to grab any morsel of food they can get their beaks to, and flying around (which is my worst nightmare as many people who know me may know!)

Whenever we visit, we always make sure that we go for a walk around the lake as well as enjoying the activities available to us there. We recently discovered some animal hides, although as much as John and I enjoyed watching through the small gaps, Squidgy got super bored so I guess that is something that we will need to do on our own if we ever want to get full appreciation of them!

Something that she definitely does enjoy endlessly is the various playgrounds that are around the park. We like to mix it up when we go, as there is more than one, but there is no doubt that her favourite one is the Badger Play Area complete with an in-floor tampoline and swings.

Baby wearing Little L gives me the freedom to chase Squidgy and enjoy spending time with her, and as much as it makes my life so much easier, she loves it too. She makes me laugh every time we are out as she leans back and tries to taste the air, and even more so if it begins to rain, because unlike most of the rest of the population, myself included, she absolutely loves it!

There is something soothing for Little L, it would seem, about being inside our BabyBjörn® classic carrier as I walk around with my family. More than 90% of the time, before we return to the car to head home, she will drift off to sleep, and I love the closeness of having her gently leaning her head on my chest.

Now that the weather is beginning to clear up a little, we are able to enjoy other things that are available to us at Ferry Meadows. There is a small cafe on site, which we have in the past popped in to for a hot drink, but more recently we have gone and picked up and ice cream, something that our eldest daughter is most impressed by!

There is a part of the Nene Park website dedicated to all things Ferry Meadows, for anyone local or even if you’re just visiting Peterborough.

It doesn't matter what the weather is like, we love to visit Ferry Meadows. There’s nothing quite like getting out in the fresh air; listening to the sounds of nature as we walk around the lake and seeing the smile on our girls' faces. Enjoying family time together is certainly something that we don't ever want to miss.


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