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On Saturday we made a trip to Peterborough's local pick your own farm, Hill Farm Pick Your Own and Farm Shop. Squidgy and I made a similar trip last year for the first time, but things were a little different this time... It is amazing what a difference a year can make. 

Last year I was pregnant, and trying to do as much as possible to give some time to Squidgy before her whole world changed with the addition of Little L. This year we shared the day with her little sister and daddy too!


Hill Farm Pick Your Own is fabulous, they have seasonal produce available to pick throughout most of the year, but obviously heading there in October there is one main produce on the menu, and that of course is pumpkins!

Hill Farm Pick Your Own pumpkin patch was in a different field this year; and as we went at the beginning of half term, and on the weekend, it was busier than the trip Squidgy and I made in 2016. They were a little short of wheelbarrows, but for us that wasn't a problem as we didn't want too many, just the perfect one or two!


Despite the fact that we visited Hill Farm Pick Your Own later this year, there was still a lot of pumpkins on the patch, which means that anyone wanting to visit this week before they close for the winter will still have a chance to pick their favourite pumpkin for carving! Of course the best part is, visiting the farm is free, you just pay for the produce you choose!


I'm lucky enough to have two super photogenic children, so getting the obligatory photo of them at the pumpkin patch wasn't hard for me! Little L thought it was the most amazing thing sitting on a pumpkin and giggled non-stop!ย  It was so lovely to have her with us this year, she is so full of personality and finds so much joy in everything and our day at the pumpkin patch was no different.

Squidgy told me that this year she wanted to pick and carry the pumpkin herself. You could see in her face how much she was enjoying spending time as a family and having a day out together, as she excitedly chatted away about making soup and pie and cake (!) from the pumpkin she was about to choose.


She chose the perfect pumpkin too. Not too big, not too small, perfectly orange and perfectly round. She was so proud of choosing, picking up and carrying her very own pumpkin, and kept telling her daddy and me, "I'm a big girl now!"


Hill Farm Pick Your Own really does such an amazing job of setting the scene with their pumpkin trail, and this year they had gone the extra mile. The trail didn't end at the pumpkin patch. Even on the walk back to the farm shop, we found more props like the scarecrow by the blackberry bushes, which (me being me, and much to my husband's joy I'm sure) made for yet more photo opportunities. 

Plus, just before we got back to the main area we stumbled across a height board, complete with brightly coloured pumpkins painted on it. This was something we didn't see at Hill Farm Pick Your Own when Squidgy and I visited last year, and both of our girls were fascinated with it.

Just as we did last year, Squidgy and I decided to go and pick some of the beautiful end of season meadow flowers. For just ยฃ3 you can take the cup and a pair of scissors and cut as many flowers as will fit inside. It started to rain on the way over to the flower beds, so John took Little L back to the car and Squidgy got some one on one time with me this year, and it felt so good to share that time with her, just as we did last year.


The final stop before heading back to the car with munchkin pumpkins and more in hand, was of course to see and hold the birds of prey they have on display. I was so proud of Squidgy this year. Instead of freaking out and crying because she didn't want to hold it after asking to do so, she picked the bird she wanted to hold and stood there good as gold, and happy as can be (even if her posing smile is far from happy looking!)

They are still open for the rest of the week, and it makes the perfect day out for the family; especially with it being half term! If you are local make sure you go for a visit! You can check out all the details of Hill Farm Pick Your Own's seasonal produce, opening times and more on their website here.

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