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Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration. We were invited to the Tiny Pop event at Blackpool beach in return for coverage on social media and here. The following post and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


One of the top summer holiday destinations is the beach, wouldn’t you agree? This week we had the opportunity to take a trip to the beach near Blackpool North Pier (just a couple of miles from Blackpool Pleasure Beach!) with Tiny Pop to celebrate the launch of their new Summer Snaps contest. Read on to discover what the contest is all about as well as all about the fun we had in Blackpool together.

What is Tiny Pop Summer Snaps?

Tiny Pop are giving people like you and me the chance to win some amazing prizes this summer. All you have to do is send them your favourite holiday snaps and you could see your family and yourself shown between Tiny Pop shows (this is apparently very exciting if you ask five year old Squidgy, who is obessed with the Tiny Pop birthday song and show characters!) and win prizes too. To enter the Tiny Pop Summer Snaps contest on their website, or download the Tiny Pop app on iTunes or Google Play.

Don't forget… this contest closes on Tuesday 27th August at 11.59pm and is open to UK entrants only.

Celebrating Tiny Pop Summer on Blackpool Beach

To celebrate the fact that Tiny Pop have launched their Summer Snaps competition we made our way down to Blackpool beach just shy of North Pier, where we saw amazing sand artists at work; enjoyed ice cream on the beach; and even got a chance to do some beach drawing ourselves. With a lot of attractions in Blackpool, tickets are required but this was completely free and we had a fabulous time!

Getting artistic on the beach

Enjoying ice cream and getting a chance to check out the amazing art work drawn onto the sand was only half the fun. A workshop gave us the chance to try out our own sand drawing. The girls had the most amazing time, and I think John was equally please by the experience (if not more so… the fish below is obviously his creation!)

In typical British fashion the Blackpool beach weather wasn’t great; in spite of it being August! A few drops of rain didn’t stop us all having a wonderful time together however. Plus, even though it is the summer holidays it wasn’t insanely busy either! As far as holiday memories go, this is one the girls are still talking about and I'm sure they will be for a while yet!

With special thanks to…

Sand in Your Eye

There was a group from Sand in Your Eye putting together huge sand drawings on the north side of Blackpool beach, including Cookie Monster and the Tiny Pop logo. They were also the wonderful people who gave us the opportunity to try it out for ourselves; providing tools, ideas, advice and an amazing workshop for us to enjoy.

Dan and Wills Ice Cream

Dan and Wills Ice Cream also came down for the Tiny Pop event, joining us on Blackpool beach for unlimited, super delicious ice cream in a variety of flavours. They offer some of the tastiest ice cream we've had in a long time (albeit Pickle got tad messy requiring a whole lot of clean up after!) Also, hats off to him for wearing a t-shirt whilst the rest of us huddled in our coats against the windy weather on the day! We'll just ignore the summer clothes we wore beneath!

We had such a wonderful time in Blackpool with Tiny Pop (and got fleeced for rides and machines in the arcade after the event… such typical summer holiday activities!) I even had the chance to meet Becci from The Unnatural Mother; who is just as lovely in real life as she is online (we e-met on Insta!) so it was definitely worth the drive down!

For more posts about our family adventures, from UK staycations to days out for kids visit my Travel blog. If you have any questions about the Tiny Pop Summer Snaps event or competition, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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Tiny Pop Summer Snaps at Blackpool Beach