"The Teething Issue" // How to Handle the Process with Baltic Wonder

Not all children will experience the pain of teething. However, most children will have to deal with the pain associated with the process. It’s no fun for your baby; and you, as a parent, will require a lot of patience to comfort your little one. 

Why does it hurt so bad? 

When a baby’s teeth come through, they push through their gums. This causes irritation, pain, and swelling. 
At this stage, your baby’s mouth is sensitive; and because of that, he may reject breast or bottle-feeding, which can become a big problem. However, there are many ways you can soothe his sore gums. 

Handling the Process

Use cold compress

When you use a cold compress, it is the same process as numbing the pain when you get a sprained ankle. A cold compress can soothe sore gums!

For this method, chill a plastic bag filled with a wet washcloth. You may also wish to soak the cloth in a chamomile tea first before placing it in a plastic bag and refrigerating it. After a few hours, remove the cloth from the plastic bag and place it in your child’s mouth. They’ll enjoy munching on it because it can massage their gums; while the coldness numbs the pain. 

Another option is to use a refrigerated dummy or teether. However, be sure to avoid storing it in a freezer because if these items get too hard, they can damage your baby’s gums. 

Finally, letting your baby eat chilled fruit in a mesh bag can also do the trick; or you may give them a large carrot which you hold at one end while they chew on the other. 

Apply pressure

If they reject cold items, you can give your baby a room-temperature teether that they can chew on. These days you can even find teethers that vibrate.

You can also just use your clean pinky finger to rub your baby’s gums. The goal of applying pressure to their gums is to distract them from the teething pain. 

How about teething gels?

You must check with your baby's doctor first before you give them a teething gel, as some teething gels are harmful to your baby’s gums.  For that reason, a lot of mothers out there are opting for baltic wonder baby teething necklaces. When the necklace is rubbed on your baby’s skin, it releases a natural anti-inflammatory property that can ease the discomfort. 

When you allow your baby to wear it, however, make sure that you remove it at night to prevent choking. Furthermore, don’t allow your child to chew on it to prevent them from accidentally swallowing one of the beads. 

Handling the Process at Night

If your baby wakes up regularly at night, it can be due to them teething. Don't let this affect their usual bedtime routine, however. Use your usual go-to comforting techniques, such as rubbing their back until they go back to sleep. 

Discomfort caused by teething can last just a few days or go on for weeks. Some children, however, don’t show any symptoms of teething. The first few teeth will always be the worst. However, keep in mind that this process is short-lived. The pain and discomfort will subside once their teeth have finished growing in, and they will be back to their normal happy selves. 


Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored guest post published on behalf of the team at Baltic Wonder.