The Mumba Bra // By Elizabeth Morana

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Morana and I’d firstly like to thank Naomi for allowing me to share my story with you.

The Mumba Bra® is five years in the making; and I remember the moment it all sort of began quite vividly.

Five years ago in the hospital, when my daughter was born, I immediately put her to my breast because I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. Within weeks, I found myself struggling with breastfeeding - suffering with painful and engorged breasts. I was contemplating giving up.

During this difficult period, I sought advice from friends, and I was astonished to discover that many mothers where giving up breastfeeding due to problems they faced.

I was fortunate to have successfully breastfed my first child for over a year, so this positive experience helped me to persevere through the difficulties.

Moved by the knowledge that so many mothers were giving up before they wanted to, I was inspired to create a product that would address some the difficulties mums faced when breastfeeding.

I felt that preparation was key, so I wanted to create a product that would do just that – prepare mums from day one and give her the support she needed.

So the Mumba Bra® was born.

Our bras can be worn from any stage of pregnancy; and used as a maternity bra. This is because they are made using a luxuriously soft and advanced 4-way stretch fabric. This means that it adjusts with mum's changing body throughout her pregnancy. One size will often see most mums from pregnancy to nursing.

Using this fabric also makes the Mumba Bra® the most comfortable bra a mum will wear - which I also felt was incredibly important during pregnancy. I then added features that would aid mums on their breastfeeding journey.

It’s a well-known fact that when breastfeeding, mums regularly forget which side to nurse their babies from next. I think they call it, “baby-brain”!

I myself found I would struggle to remember which side to breastfeed my daughter from next. This often left me with one engorged and painful breast from not alternating. I used all sorts of reminders to help me: breastfeeding reminder bracelets; iphone apps; and I even used to keep a journal!

The problem I found with these reminders were that they were accessories that I need to remember to take around with me. They soon became an added headache.

I created the Mumba® clasp, so that a mum could have reminder with her always. A mum would ordinarily wear her bra every day - and would be opening and closing it to feed her baby - so designing the Mumba clasp meant that remembering was part of her everyday functions when feeding her baby with the Mumba Bra®.

The BabyFocus® print was inspired by my little girl. She was so easily distracted by anything, (real or imaginary) whilst feeding. This made feeding her a constant stop start affair.

One day she fed so calmly when I was wearing a black and white scarf, so it became my 'breastfeeding saviour' scarf, and it was a real comfort to her.

After a few months of thinking everything over I found a way to combine all these elements from my experiences to create the Mumba Bra.

I wanted it to become the only item of lingerie that any mother would need to support her comfortably throughout her pregnancy, and prepare and support her during breastfeeding.

I’m so pleased with the final product and hearing all the positive feedback from mums, and midwives.

Getting her has taken 5 years juggling being mum to two lively kids and holding down a very demanding job. I’m ecstatic with where we are today as it makes the all the hard work of the development worth every sleepless night!

The Mumba Bra® is easy to size as it comes in small, medium and large making it a perfect baby shower gift for an expectant mum.

Its unique features include:

  1. The unique Mumba® clasp reminder – To help mums easily track which breast to feed from next.
  2. The original BabyFocus® print – Designed purely for babies to simulate, calm and focus baby’s attention whilst feeding.
  3. Drop cup opening – allowing for quick one-handed access and discreet feeding once open. 

The Mumba Bra® retails at £29.00 and can be purchased from the Mumba Bra website