Packing Your Baby Hospital Bag - My Ultimate List

If you read my previous post on my ultimate list for packing your Mummy Hospital Bag you will know that I plan to do a little post for each of the bags you might need to pack when it comes to going in to hospital. Today's post is all about what to take for your baby.

There are a few lists floating around, but they are all relatively short and basic. I have created my own list, and - as with the mummy bag list - I have made a printable tick sheet version which you can find and print for free here.

Now; here is my ultimate list of things to pack to take to hospital for your little one when they arrive (including some explanations as to why):

For After Birth

  • Receiving Blanket
    I am in the process of making my own receiving blanket for when Little L arrives - the perks of running Mama Naii's Crochet.  However it doesn't have to be fancy or handmade - it's likely to get very dirty so it's probably best it's a cheaper one for this use!

For Wearing

  • Bodysuits / Vests
    You would never guess how many items of clothing one tiny little human can go through. Between the puke, wee and poop, R went through so many clothes it's unreal. Make sure you have a minimum of three sets - but I recommend packing more in case you are kept in hospital overnight.
  • Sleepsuits
    As with the vests and bodysuits, make sure you have a minimum of three.
  • Cardigan / Light Jumper
    This is something that you need to be careful with. Babies cannot regulate their temperature so you do not want them to overheat. By the same token, if it's chilly, you don't want them freezing either. Be vigilant and put it on when it's needed.
  • Socks
    In case any outfits you back don't have feet coverage attached!
  • Mittens
    R pulled these off, so I am only taking one pair this time. Mittens are a great preventive measure to take against baby scratching themselves.
  • Beanie(s)
    They are cute and functional - and look amazing if they match the outfit your little one is wearing too!


  • Bib(s)
    This is a personal choice. Some people don't bother, I quite like matching bibs and outfits! 
  • Headband(s)
    If you're having a little girl, slipping a headband on her can be super cute. Especially as you know every visitor - including your partner will want to take hundreds of photos of your new bundle of joy!

For Changing

  • Changing Bag
    Some people might disagree and say have one bag, but I like to have stuff quick to hand, and knowing I don't have to root through the Hospital Bag means a great deal, so I have packed the below items into a changing bag.
  • Nappies
    Babies wee and poo a lot. It is worth taking upwards of 10 nappies with you, just in case you end up staying overnight. If you are planning on using cloth, as we are, I would recommend buying a small selection of disposables to use, just until the meconium stage is over. No one wants to deal with dark black stains on their pretty cloth nappies!
  • Wipes
    This is up to the individual to decide if it is needed. I have packed a single pack of Johnson's extra sensitive, just in case. However most midwives would probably advise you to use the below option instead.
  • Cotton Wool Balls
    As an alternative to wipes on brand new newborn baby skin, most midwives will probably advise you to wipe your baby with cotton wool and warm water instead. It does the same job, it simply is nicer to that delicate new skin.
  • Nappy Cream
    Highly unlikely you will need this for a long while, but it is sometimes better to be over prepared than under prepared. Ultimately, newborn skin will react differently to the various things it will come into contact with, and you never know when you might need this!
  • Changing Mat
    A lot more hygienic than changing your baby on the hospital bed, that's for sure. Get yourself a cheap foldable one if you don't have one included with your changing back.
  • Nappy Sacks / Wet Bags
    Whether you decide to use disposables or cloth from day one, you will need somewhere to put the dirty nappies!
  • Hand Sanitizer
    The quickest, easiest way of cleaning your hands after every happy change. 

For Feeding

  • Muslin Squares
    For those inevitable spit up moments when you're burping your new baby after feeds.
  • Baby Bottles
    If you decide not to breastfeed, it will be important to have some bottles with you in order to feed your baby.
  • Pre-made Formula
    Some hospitals will provide you with an initial small amount of formula if you decide not to breastfeed (or can't) but not all do. It is better to have some handy if you know you won't be breastfeeding.

For Comfort

  • Blanket / Cocoon
    Hospitals can get very chilly, especially if you are due to have a baby during the winter - as I am! Have a couple of blankets or swaddle cocoons ready to wrap your little one up nice and cosy.
  • Dummy / Pacifier
    This is controversial as many (myself included) would say that if a baby is crying there is a reason for it - mainly in the early days it will mean that they are hungry. However it is always handy to have one standing by, if you choose that you are going to give one to your child.

For Going Home

  • Car Seat
    The hospital won't let you go home unless they know you have one and have seen your baby safely tucked up inside.
  • Going Home Outfit
    Simply because everyone wants to look good on their first outing, even a newborn baby!
  • Jacket (for Winter Babies)
    The last thing you want is for your newborn baby to catch a cold! Wrap your little one up in a nice cosy jacket before venturing outside.
  • Lap Blanket
    For the same reason as the jacket... don't let your baby go cold! 
  • Booties
    If your baby is wearing an all in one, these are unnecessary; however if the outfit you choose has no foot coverage, you need to make sure baby has something on their feet.
  • Beanie
    Just because they're cute... and also because we lose most of our heat through our head and most babies don't have much hair to insulate with! 


  • Hair Brush
    Sometimes babies are born bold - and so this would be pointless. However some babies, like R, are born with quite a bit of hair. Having a soft bristled hair brush to hand helps to clean your babies hair prior to their first bath. Trust me, you'll understand!
  • Nail Clippers / Scissors
    Again, as with hair, some babies are born with, and some without growth of their finger nails. If they have long nails, the last thing you want is for your little one to scratch themselves and their delicate skin!
  • Soft Toy
    When the Bounty staff member comes, they will often ask if you have any 'props' you want used in your photos.
    With R, we had a rag doll, and will probably buy L a similar item. However she also has a Mama Naii's Crochet giraffe, just because mummy can make them, so why not?

So there we go. Complete with pictures, that is my ultimate list for what to pack in your baby's hospital bag! Don't forget to print of a copy of the ticklist so you can make sure you don't miss anything.

Disclaimer: This list should only be used as a guide. It is highly comprehensive in comparison to others that are available, however there is no guarantee that all the items you need are on this list. This list is simply what I consider to be my personal 'ultimate' list of items to pack.