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Last year I Tracey from Hooks and Dragons, Ember from Relentlessly Purple, Mandy from Mandy Charlton Photography and Lisa from Little Orange Dog nicknamed me Mama Christmas due to the amazing amount that I do at Christmas (read the post here to see why!). Today I will share this year’s decorations in my home, with some new additions since last year!

The Living Room

Since moving to Watford we now have a smaller area to decorate, however I think that it makes it even more amazing to decorate as we still have the same (and new!) Christmas decorations to use. At night it looks amazing all lit up, plus you can check out a slide show of other decorations and also our rainbow tree below.

↓ Watch a slide show of our living room ↓

Our Christmas Tree

Perfectly imperfect with help from the girls to decorate, I love our tree in all its rainbow goodness. As my girls are rainbow babies it seems only fitting, plus it means I can add in all the homemade decorations too!

↓ Press the PLAY ▻ button to see our tree train in action ↓

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen gets used a lot to cook, to find snacks, to make a cup of coffee; so it's regularly in use. This means of course that it has to be Christmas-y! I have everything from mugs to cookie jars, hand towels to chopping boards.

↓ Watch a slide show of our kitchen ↓

The Hallway

I love the hall. This year I found a new hall runner and door mat on a super tight budget and of course we have the handmade advent calendars hanging up too! From the moment you walk into our home you're in a winter wonderland. 

Our Dining Room

Our dining room, unlike our previous home, is open plan to the stairwell and living room. That doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated in its own way though! I have lights, tinsel, ornaments and more. Of course even the dining room table gets a make over.

↓ Watch a slide show of our dining room ↓

Our Bathroom

Our bathroom may be small but that doesn't mean it can't be touched by Christmas!  I think my favourite part is the shower curtain... even the hooks are Christmas themed.

↓ Watch a slide show of our bathroom ↓

Our Bedroom

Our bedroom is the least Christmas-y room in the house, and even then it's still pretty well decorated. I have a number of lights and decorations and even change all the photo frames over to Christmas photos. I have a few bedspread options too, which means even on bed change day it's still got Christmas on it! 

↓ Watch a slide show of our bedroom ↓

Our Girls’ Bedroom

This year I decided to let Squidgy have our little tree in the room she shares with her sister and she decorated it herself… Of course that meant it had to be purple; her favourite colour! That isn’t all they have in their room though, check out the slide show below to see more!

↓ Watch a slide show of our girls' bedroom ↓

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas, there is just something so special about having our home full of tinsel, lights and more. It is magical to see the girls’ reactions to it all too, and it makes it all so worthwhile when I hear comments like, “I love what we’ve done with the place, mummy” from Squidgy! How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you like to go crazy, or do you prefer a more subtle approach? Let me know in the comments section below!


Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from my family and me this year! 


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