2018 Family Christmas Eve Box

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Having a gift each on Christmas Eve is not a new tradition for us. In fact sneaking some kind of treat on Christmas Eve is something that a lot of people have been doing for many years. For us, creating a Christmas Eve box is simply an extension of that. This year we are reusing some of the items I already invested in, as well as adding some new things too.

Our family Christmas Eve box

Our family Christmas Eve box is a combination of activities that we can do together as well as the traditional bits to put out for Santa at bed time. Here's what the girls will find inside this year.

DIY mini Christmas box

This year the girls will be making their own little Christmas treasure boxes. My plan is to get out some paint, give them the boxes and stickers and let them go wild! This is a cheap activity too, as the embellishments were BOGOF and the mini wooden boxes only cost £1.50 each in The Works.

A Christmas movie

Having a nice, festive, family-friendly movie in our Christmas Eve box is always a good idea. We usually try to get budget friendly movies, such as Trolls: Holiday* on Amazon† for just £2.99. My girls both loved the first Trolls movie when we watched it on NOW TV; so I'm pretty sure this will be a hit on Christmas Eve!

Elf colouring

Colouring books and sticker books are a great activity for children on Christmas eve. It keeps them quiet, and occupied plus it needs minimal supervision so if I have things to do I can let the girls sit at the table and crack on. Christmas crayons are nice addition too. Obviously they need something to colour with so why not make it Christmas themed?

Santa's key, treat board and more

These items are something that a lot of people put out on Christmas Eve even if they don't do Christmas Eve boxes. We have a  Solid wood Santa's treats platter board† from Amazon, a handmade Santa Key from Bumblebee Home Treasures and 'I Believe' bells from Pringles Beadi Creations.

The girls' Christmas Eve crates

New this year are some Christmas Eve crates I myself put together!  I bought a couple of these cheap crates along with an etching pen from eBay then ordered Everbuild woodstain from Amazon and got my DIY crafty side in gear. Here's what the girls will find inside their new crates.

Christmas mugs with hot chocolate.

It's tradition for us to have a hot chocolate (with Irish cream liqueur like the lush Coole Swan Superior Irish Cream Liqueur* added in just for the adults!) before bed on Christmas Eve. Having a sneaky candy cane and Christmas chocolate is simply a little added bonus! These mugs were in the sale at Matalan after Christmas last year, which meant I had to hide them for a year, but it will be worth it to see their faces on the day! Plus it saved me a bundle on buying their full price options now.

Bath time goodies

Christmas matching pyjamas

If you haven't worked it out yet, I LOVE Christmas. I also love twinning. All of us and the girls. Christmas pyjamas are an obvious inclusion to a Christmas Eve Box, and I bought the girls' Christmas tree text  sets cheap as chips from eBay here.

Christmas socks

Christmas books.

A bedtime story always goes down well, and what better addition on Christmas Eve than Christmas ones! The girls have a lot of books, so this year I bought second hand ones from a charity shop... both of which look and feel brand new! 

Christmas soft toys

I love soft toys and so do the girls. After having a massive clear out to the local charity shops, I am happy to add the Keep Toys elf sloth* and Pugsley Santa* from Clintons to the girls' Christmas Eve crates.

When it comes to putting the box items together, there are many different interpretations of how to create it; from choosing your box to what to include inside. I have tried to keep it simple, family friendly, and give us a few things to enjoy together on Christmas Eve. I hope this has given you some ideas of what to include in your Christmas Eve box this year; whether it's your first time or you're already a pro.


Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from my family and me this year!


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