3 Fun Activities to do with Dad | Father's Day 2019

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Fathers do so much for us throughout the year that it’s only right that we should spend one day annually celebrating all things Dad. And while they no doubt appreciate gifts, it’s also the moment to enjoy some quality time together. Not sure what kind of things to do? Here are three easy activities that both kids and dad are likely to enjoy, from baking the most delicious vegan chocolate cake to a fun sports day outdoor!

Bake a cake

With the Great British Bake Off becoming increasingly popular, more and more Dads are getting into the traditional art of making a cake, so why not do a bit of cooking together? This is a chance to get your creative juices flowing both in terms of flavours and decoration. Surprise him by buying all the ingredients in advance so you guys can spend your time on the actual making. And if you or anyone in your family is looking to eat more plant-based products why not go for a vegan chocolate cake or super simple lemon drizzle cake recipe? Glaze with vegan chocolate and sprinkles for a fun look.

Play sports

If your dad is more of an outside-activities kind of guy or you just want to work off that cake, why not integrate some sporty activities in your Father’s Day plans? There are loads of different things you could do so consider the sports your dad most enjoys. If he’s a runner or a hiker try researching some local beauty spots where you could go together. More of a team player? If you’ve got a big family you could get everyone together for a big family game of rounders or cricket.

Get crafty

Another great option for Father’s Day is to do something arty. If your dad is into design, art or even building stuff, a project that you complete together could be a great bonding activity. Choose the craft or art based on what resources you have available. Making a collage or drawing doesn’t require much so they are always good basic options, but if you have the time and facilities available going to a local art and craft store will both give you lots of ideas and the resources to attempt something much more ambitious.

Whether you decide to make vegan chocolate cake, go for a hike or make something beautiful simply spending time with your dad this Father’s Day will be the best present you can give. Think about the kinds of things he enjoys and then getting planning a really special day.


For gift ideas for dad this Father’s Day, check out my gifts for him category here. If you have any other ideas for activities to do with dad on Father’s Day, feel free to share in the comments section below.

3 Fun Activities to do with Dad on Father's Day