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When it comes to Father's Day, I always try to make an extra effort for my hubby. He after all makes a massive effort for me on Mother's Day, and our two rainbow babies are so special to us, that these days are ones we make sure we celebrate.

This year we will be celebrating Father's Day in style, whilst on board the beautiful Cunard cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth, so we have had an early gift giving before we leave (although the card is packed in the suitcase for the day, shh don't tell him!) This post is all about items I believe make the perfect gifts for any budget for every dad this Father's Day!

A Card

Obviously Father's Day means yet another occassion to get and write a card. My toddler loves to do all kinds of arts and crafts so card making is always a good pass time and adds a personal touch to every dad's day.

If, however, you don't have time (like we haven't in the lead up to our holiday!) or simply don't like getting your craft on, buying a card is the way to go. Picking the right one is made nice and easy with the awesome robot range from Debmon Design* which can be found here.

Squidgy thought these were amazing, and I thought they were even better thanks to the frankly fantastic captions. Squidgy picked this one out, and I thought it was very apt thanks to the truth behind the statement... it certainly is one of her favourite pass times to have chats and sing away whilst on the loo.

Budget Busters

No 1 Dad Socks

Socks are alway a good bet when buying for dads, and at this time of year everywhere from Matalan to Poundland are selling "Best Dad" and "No1 Dad" socks in store. You can even find them online if you don't have time to get out to the shops, like these "Simply the Best Dad" ones from Amazon.

Mug and Glass Set from Card Factory

If you really want to find a bargain, why not shop in your local card factory? Not only are the cards cheap, but it turns out that the gifts are too! This mug, glass and coaster set I bought for just £5.99! #bargain


Best Dad Keyring

Every man will have keys, whether it be for work, for home or for his car. Picking up a keyring like this 'Best Dad Ever' one from Amazon is a great way to give the dad in your life a gift without breaking the bank, knowing that he will 100% find it useful!

For Personal Hygiene

Structure Hair Products *

These products are fab, and there is so many options when it comes to deciding which one you think will work best for your dad.

Structure Hair Products
There are products to suit every dad, and various options depending on which type of style you want to create. You can check them out on the Structure website. John loves both his SHAPER and ANIMATE, although he did say that the SHAPER is his favourite, and it has been safely packed away to take on holiday with us!

Face Wash and Moisturiser

My hubby gets a bit of a stubbly face so quickly, I swear he shaves in the morning and by the evening it has grown back again! This means he shaves practically everyday, and so caring for his skin is imperative.

Using the amazing Percy Nobleman products that we were sent has made massive difference to his skin. The face and stubble wash smells lovely and the face and stubble moisturiser makes his face super soft (and totally kissable!) and I can't help but love how he smells when he wears the eau de toilette too!

For the Gamer Dad

Vinyl Console Skins from Vinyl Revolution *

If your other half or dad has a console, or even a laptop, there are some amazing vinyl wrap options to fit whichever they have. These can be found on the Vinyl Revolution * website, as well as a choice of wall, fridge and vehicle stickers, in case he doesn't do any gaming at all! 
Vinyl Revolution PS4 Vinyl Skin

We have a PS4 and there are so many options to be found in the "PS4 Wraps" section of the website including the awesome car logos one which I chose for my hubby. On a recent visit to the Lake District we went to the Lakeland Motor Museum and he was like a kid in a candy store, so I knew this would be right up his street!

Other Gifts for Dads

Sidekick Journal from Habit Nest *

Everybody knows that starting off your day in a positive way is super important, as it will help set you up for having a good day. If you are busy (like my hubby who can work up to and beyond 50 hous a week!) it can be easy to let things slip and not have the best start. The awesome Sidekick Journal from Habit Nest * (which can be found here on their website) helps to change all that.

From helping to track your progress in areas such as fitness, to having areas to create your own lists of daily tasks to complete, there is something to help the Dad in your life to get his days in order.  I think it's the perfect way to both treat your other half or dad and also help them to make the right choices to start their day right!

Something Personal 

Only you know your other half or dad well enough to know what he is likely to love.  Whether it is something Aves (bird) related like my dad, a nice bottle of Châteauneuf du Pape like my father-in-law, or something tiger related like my hubby, every dad has their niche, and the perfect gift is always easy to pick out when you have a specific item to look for!


Something Handmade

By now most of you will know that I run Mama Naii's Crochet, and I have a massive soft spot for supporting handmade businesses. One of my fellow mama run businesses, It's Sew Jemma, is one of my favourites and I have so many of her lovely items for myself and my toddler, so it seems only fitting that my hubby has one too. 


From the packaging to the stunning way it is sewn together, including the amazing hand stitched text, my hubby's new handmade, handsewn star is perfect in every way. Sweet Jemma is so lovely, and I love her and her gorgeous family, and I am so grateful to her for making this for me.


From (or for as the case may be!) the Young Ones

This selection of gifts are perfect for those of you who are buying gifts from little children, as I am giving gifts to my hubby from our three year old and six month old daughters!

A Teddy Bear

This is a pretty safe bet from the younger children, and it is something that Squidgy would choose as a gift every time, whether it be for birthday, Christmas, Father's Day or any other occasion! My hubby has a growing collection of daddy bears in all shapes and sizes, but I know he will probably end up with many more before our girls are grown and gone!

One of John's favourites is the Best Dad Me to You bear I found on Amazon, which obviously is one of my favourites too. It's not too expensive and as I collect all things Tatty Teddy related it is right at home in our house!

Children's Art

One of John's most prized gifts from Squidgy is a large rosette that says No 1 Dad. With paper shapes cut out to resemble ribbons, stuck to a paper plate it is so easy to recreate. Not only is this cheap to do, it is a fun activity to create with a toddler!


A Book (or two!) 

One thing that Squidgy loves to do is read books, on her own, to her baby sister, before bed, in the car, it's doesn't matter really! She adores it when daddy reads to her and so this gift idea is sort of more for her I guess, but I know that John enjoys reading to her too, so it's a win-win situation! 

A recent addition to Squidgy's massive book collection is the awesome "Kingdom of You" book, new to the Lost My Name collection. It was so easy to order here on their website, and you can personailse the book to their gender and tastes. Including her favourite things like pasta and princesses left her uber excited when her daddy read it to her for the first time, which of course meant John had a massive smile on his face, what is better than that on Father's Day?

Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products I have been sent for the purpose of testing them out for review. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them. This post may also contain affiliate links.