Ten Happy Things

I was tagged  (forever ago!) by the lovely Katie from Mummy's Diary, Two to Love to take part in the Ten Happy Things tag, and I have finally gotten around to writing my post! I am lucky to be able to say that there are a lot more than ten things in my life that make me happy, so whittling it down to just these ten was hard, but it's so love to look at this post and know that there are such wonderful people and things in my life.

If you have a bit of time as you read this, take a pause on some of the photos as they are slideshows of some of my favourite shots linked to each thing I have listed as making me happy.

My Husband

Number one on my list of course had to be my amazing hubby, John. He is not only my husband but also my best friend. He gave me two beautiful girls and continues to make me smile every day, even after nine years together and six years married.He is my rock when things go wrong, and makes me a more perfect version of myself. I am so glad to have him by my side through thick and thin. We have the odd tiff here and there but through it all, he really is my soul mate, lover, baby-daddy and sidekick, and I could not be any happier than I am knowing that I am spending the rest of my life with this amazing man.

Our Children

These two monkeys drive me around the bend, wake me up in the night, are loud and boisterous, and have thrown my world upside down. At the same time however, they are the best thing to ever happen to me. They make my world complete. They make me smile every day. They are best friends and the way that they look at each other, play together and hold each other makes my heart swell. The way Little L's face lights up and she calls out "mama" when I come into the room, and the way Squidgy will run up to give me random spontaneous hugs makes me so happy.

Our Families

John and I both come from very large families, and we are lucky enough to have most of them be big parts of our lives and the lives of our girls, even our grandparents and extended family! There is always someone there if you need someone to turn to, a network of support and so many of them that Squidgy has given up with trying to remember how they are related to her! I am lucky that we have such wonderful people in our family, even if we live miles away from all of them!

Our Friends

We are so fortunate to have so many awesome people in our lives, and my friends are certainly a happy part of my own life. From the amazing people who are godparents to our girls, to the girls I have known since I was born, to my best friend and true other half (long story!) Kat, I could not be happier with the lovely people I consider to be an extension of my family.

Although I make friends easily, and have a lot of people all over the country I would consider my friends, there are a select few that I consider an extension to my family, and they make me as happy as can be. From those who are now my girls' godparents, to my best friend in the whole world who is my true other half (sorry John!) I have some wonderful people in my life who have been there over the years and are stuck with me for life now will be for many years to come.


I love to bake, and it makes me so happy to be able to create things that people enjoy, and see the smiles on people's faces when they tuck into my homemade bakes and cakes. These days it is a fun activity that I can enjoy with my toddler too, something that me and her can do together when Little L naps, and she has caught my love for baking too. Seeing her enjoying herself, and being able to enjoy some one on one time with her definitely puts this high on my list of things that make me happy!

My Business

By now you should all know that I run Mama Naii's Crochet. Mama Naii's is my third baby (or fourth on some days when I realise my husband has not grown up!) and for the past two and a half years has really grown and been amazing. I have met some awesome fellow business owners (who you will be able to meet soon too in my upcoming Meet the Maker series!) and nothing makes me happier than receiving pictures from happy customers with their handmade makes from me!

Reading Books

I have always loved reading as much as I enjoy writing. Books were my best friend as a child, and I would get so into a story I would feel I was a part of it. There is nothing quite like the way a book can become a part of your life, where you feel the characters are your friends and you are a part of the adventure. I loved that books allowed my imagination to run wild. These days I don't often have much time to read, and what I am reading tend so be other people's blogs, but when I can, I still love to pick up a book and immerse myself in it.

Getting Outdoors

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy chilling out in front of the TV as much as the next mama, but there is only so much Paw Patrol, Chuck and Friends or My Little Pony that I can take. If you have read my "Getting Outdoors at..." posts (the post about Stocks Wood can be found here and Ferry Meadows  here) you will know I love to take my girls and get out in the fresh air. There is something special about seeing the enjoyment that they get from being out and about, from feeding the ducks to exploring woodland, and their joy always makes me happy.


I don't really think this one needs any explanation. Chocolate makes me happy. 

My Blog

Obviously I had to out my blog in here... along with my busineas it's the one part of my life that is exclusively mine. I write it, I photograph each photo,  I pay for my website with money I earn, and I put in a lot of hard graft to make it be as amazing as it can be. I have always loved to write so this is an outlet that definitely makes me happier.

It's also give me the opportunity to make some awesome blogging friends, such as Emma from Me, the Man, and the Kids, Harriet from Toby and Roo, Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose and Me, Martyn from Inside Martyn's Thoughts, Tracey from Hooks and Dragons, Zoe from Lycrawidow and so many more (that would take forever to name! Maybe I will have to do a whole post of shout outs for them! Plus it's meant I've been able to meet some of them, like the two lovely ladies I met at a recent market research event I attended in Manchester, Kirsty from Life With Boys and Sammi-Jo from Mother Freckle! Who wouldn't be happy with that?


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