Happy Mother's Day | Amara Review | Me Becoming Mum

When it comes to Mother's Day you don't want to stick to the same old, same old. Let's be honest, being a mama is one of the most rewarding things in the world, but it can also be exhausting. The reality is, sometimes, we all need a treat; and we don't always want it to be chocolate (although, for the record, that's good too!)

I've been putting together a gift guide for Mother's Day, and was approached by Amara regarding their own selection of gifts that they felt would be a perfect addition to my guide!Β There is such a lovely selection of items, and they have even grouped up a selection which they think are perfect for Mother's Day. I can't help but agree as I scrolled through the products on their website.

The best thing about the gift selection at Amara is that there is something for every type of mama and every budget!  I love the massive range that they have available and feel so lucky to have a few items to treat myself too! Plus, if you really want a treat, make sure you check out the wonderful selection of designer brands that Amara offer, including Ted Baker (and who doesn't love a bit of Ted Baker in their lives?)


The items from Amara are some of the most bright and beautiful that I now own... and I cannot recommend them enough. The beautiful Pip Studio cosmetics pouch is absolutely perfect for me; holding all of my brushes, powders and other make up, whilst still looking absolutely gorgeous. Being a mama doesn't mean that I have to let myself go, and having a shower and doing my make-up every day are two things that I would not go without. They make me feel human again! Having somewhere that is a decent size and such a beautiful keeper for my make-up puts a smile on my face every morning.


I certainly did not need a new handbag thanks to having quite a few in my collection; however I have a bit of a soft spot for beautiful handbags. Being a mama means that 90% of the time, the bag that I carry around with me is a giant changing bag full of all the stuff you need when going out with two children. 

That doesn't mean I'm always going to be with them, however, and having a beautiful Caroline Gardner cross-body handbag (one of the many beautiful designer bags available from Amara) means that when I do go out without them, I can do so in style. A stunning new bag is certainly a way to lift my spirits, plus it's a nice place to keep my phone until I need to get it out and check how my children are! Ha!


Another awesome selection of items from Amara has got to be the jewellery. Gold has always been my favourite colour apart from my silver Pandora, and having such a gorgeous variety in their jewellery range means there is an item for everyone.


This Ted Baker jewellery set is so simply, but looks so great on. Having something pretty to wear always makes me feel extra special. I love to dress up, and if I want to feel less like a frumpy mum, pretty jewellery always does the trick!

Amara have such an amazing selection of gorgeous items, to suit every mama, and every mama deserves a treat this Mother's Day. Whether you enjoy designer homeware, like the gorgeous Melli Mello cushion that I have (pictured above with Little L), or pretty jewellery like my Ted Baker heart earrings and necklace set, you will find the perfect gift on the Amara website.

Make sure you get over to the amazing Amara website and buy the perfect Mother's Day gift for yourself and the mama in your life; or send the link to the one who will buy you your Mother's Day gifts this year!

Disclaimer: The lovely team at Amara sent me a selection of items from their website, in return for an honest review and inclusion in my Mother's Day gift guide. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.