Dress to Impress with ELVI | Wedding Guest Style | Me Becoming Mum

If you follow me on social media, especially on my Me Becoming Mum Instagram, you may have seen that my brother recently married his fiancée and I had the most stunning dress from ELVI to wear for the occasion. Being not only the groom's sister but mother to two of the beautiful flower girls meant I wanted to look fabulous. Just because I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister, doesn't mean I have to lose sight of being me and use a fabulous celebration to really look my best.

My dress

When searching through the beautiful outfits available on the ELVI website, I came across their SENCHA Embellished Midi Dress and instantly fell in love. Not only was it absolutely lush but it was the perfect outfit to look stunning in as a guest at my brother's wedding.

Five reasons I love my dress

The embellishments are gorgeous

I cannot begin to explain how stunning the embellishments that adorn my SENCHA Embellished Midi Dress from ELVI are. With a mix of pearls, beads, sequins and more it shines in the light and made me feel on top of the world the whole day; after all how can you feel down when you’re basically a glitter ball? There is a variety of white flower appliques too, which float effortlessly over the whole dress from the winged sleeved down the the base of the skirt standing out against the pale blue of the dress.

It's suitable for different occasions

Just because I chose to wear it to my brother's wedding, doesn't mean it can't be worn again. The floaty, light style means it will work for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as the sequins and pearls giving it a bit of a party feel. When we cruise again, I know it will be packed in my suitcase, ideal for those formal evening meals as well as it being a beautiful outfit to pick for a party, or even a Christening. All I need to do is swap out the statement heels and fancy hair and change up my accessories to adjust for the occasion.

I could team it up with a variety of accessories

From a white jacket I didn't need to wear because it ended up being too hot, to the beautiful handmade hair pins designed by Tanglefrost to match the embellishments on my ELVI dress; I had the perfect finishing touches to my outfit on my brother's wedding day. I could have teamed it up with so many different accessories though; from white to blue; pearls to silver; jackets to shawls; the dress was versatile enough to fit with whatever I chose.

It looked great when teamed up with my husband's navy blue suit

I can’t be the only one who has to make sure that you look like you belong together with your partner when attending big events like family weddings, right? I think you will agree that this photo speaks for itself and we look amazing together, me in my SENCHA dress from ELVI and John in a gorgeous navy suit and Dobell shirt and tie.

I stood out, yet fit right in

Now bear with me, I know that is a bit of a juxtaposition but I promise it makes sense. I was complemented throughout the day on how amazing I looked, from creating my own up do to, of course, my ELVI dress. Teamed up with some statement shoes from Irregular Choice I felt awesome, and looked it too (and other people agreed!) At the same time (as my family don't do things by halves and all go the extra mile to look good), my dress and overall style made sure I fit right in, and I didn't feel under-dressed in the group photos.


Two reasons I love ELVI

Their clothes are fab-u-lous

How could you not agree with this statement... I mean just look at my beautiful dress! It looked great and had so many compliments, but is just one of many gorgeous outfits available from ELVI. Whether you are going to the beach or the nightclub there are outfits and accessories available to suit every occasion, and I feel so lucky to have even just one piece of their range.

ELVI aim to be inclusive

This has to be my top reason for choosing ELVI... As well as their clothing being simply gorgeous, they ensure their clothing is suitable for all shapes and sizes. I struggle with buying clothes online, because so often the model is skinny and tall whilst I am neither. This makes it hard for me to imagine how I would look in the clothes I am shopping for. ELVI is different. With models in different sizes, I was able to see for myself how the dress looks on different body types and actually envisage it on myself. It’s not just the models in different sizes though, as the clothes themselves are available in sizes 8-28.

I am so happy for my brother and his new wife, the girls love them both dearly so it's great to finally have her as part of our family. We had a lovely day celebrating their marriage, and I couldn't have chosen a more perfect dress to wear than ELVI's SENCHA Embellished Midi Dress.