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When I was given the opportunity to attend a local blogger event at my local The Perfume Shop, I was both a little apprehensive as well as excited. I had not attended any events to that point, and was unsure what to expect - or what was expected of me.

Not only that, but as I am so heavily pregnant - and smells seriously affect me at the moment (often making me a little sick!) - I was seriously worried that I wouldn't be able to stick it out. I needn't have worried, however, as the whole evening was fantastic.l

I was so pleased to be able to meet my online blogging buddy, Jaymee from The Mum Diaries; and her sister, Tasha - who not only made me our awesome elf door but also writes over at Mummy and Moose.

Once we all bucked up the courage to approach the store, all of us realised that we had been worrying about nothing. Sarah - the host of the evening and store manager of the Peterborough branch - was completely welcoming, even offering us a yummy Christmas treat in the form of a mince pie. It certainly started the evening off well, preparing us for what was to come.

Did you know...? The Perfume Shop was founded in 1992. It has grown massively in the twenty four years since and is now the UK’s largest specialist fragrance retailer with over 260 stores nationwide. They offer a wide range of brands and have an awesome selection of options available for you this Christmas. Read on to see why I think you should be shopping for your fragrances in your local The Perfume Shop this year.

A Personalised Shopping Experience...

The Perfume Shop are the only fragrance store to use the Michael Edwards: Fragrances of the World app. This app is such an amazing feature for them to offer, and makes your shopping experience not only personalised but also so much easier!

Using the app, the staff at The Perfume Shop can help you do a number of things, from finding something new that is similar to your favourite to exploring scents available by different features such as brand or ingredients. Who would have thought that you could search for, 'carrot' as an ingredient and find out that it was in fact a component included in my favourite scent from my teenage years?!

If your favourite scent (or the favourite of a friend or family member you are shopping for) is no longer stocked - and thus does not feature on this awesome app - fear not! Sarah shared with us the amazing Fragrances of the World 'bible' as she nicknamed it. This rather thick, beautifully designed, hardback book has all the information you need, just like the app does, to match you up with the perfect scent for you.

It's Not Just Perfumes This Year...

The Perfume Shop have gone all out this year to make your shopping experience easier, by not only stocking fragrances but a variety of other gifts too. You can purchase make up for eyes and brows for just £4.99; body mists for just £9.99; and the awesome Ghost baubles which at just £8 include a miniature fragrance plus a lip gloss or hand cream. Furthermore they have an adorable reindeer complete with a box of chocolates for £10.

Make Your Own Christmas Gift Set...

Whether you are looking for something a little unique and special for the one you love, or can't find a gift set that suits your purposes - for example in the instance of Chanel who don't do gift sets in the UK - The Perfume shop offer a 'make it up' service.

Depending on the products you decide to include inside your gift set, the price will vary. Of course it will be popped inside a gift bag, alongside one of their cute reindeer soft toys and boxes of chocolate which adds £11 to your total. Totally worth it in my opinion!

Get Your Gift Wrapped Before You Leave the Store...

The gift wrapping service that The Perfume Shop stores offer, is something that is actually available all year around. Of course it is especially handy for Christmas!

There is a few different options that you can choose from. You can simply have their free gift wrap, pop it inside one of their £1 gift bags or last - but certainly not least - go all out with their lovely £2 gift boxes. Not only are the boxes my favourite, but The Perfume Shop will donate 50p to Alzheimer's Society from the sale of each one!

There are Gifts for Everyone...

Whether you are searching for your partner, your siblings or your in-laws, there are options a plenty for all. The staff in store are well versed on the different options, and they are so friendly and helpful - so don't be afraid to ask if you need help.

The latest trend is for brands to include a smaller bottle of the scent inside their gift sets. I love the idea that you can pop a little bottle inside your handbag and top up your lovely smell throughout the day. I'm sure I am not the only one who would appreciate opening this on Christmas Day!

There are even gifts sets for children! They have plenty of options, including: My Little Pony; Frozen; Disney Princess; Despicable Me and more. The prices range from £6.50 to £10, and they offer some hypoallergenic and alcohol free products to - perfect for those who are worried about their child's sensitive skin.

Click and Collect It...

Obviously due to the space restrictions within the store, each The Perfume Shop will not be able to hold stock of every single option of every single brand. You may think that this means that if you can't find what you want, you will have to shop elsewhere. Fear not! This is not the case. 

You can simply pop to their website over at The Perfume Shop, order online and then pick it up in store!

So there you go... There are so many great reasons to shop at The Perfume Shop, and I can't imagine going anywhere else now I have experienced the great customer service in my local store. I hope that you have just as much fun shopping at your local The Perfume Shop, and find everything you are looking for. 

Thanks again to Sarah and her team for inviting us in to their store and making my experience both fun and informative.


Disclaimer: I attended an event at the Peterborough branch of the perfume shop and was given a few perfume samples in return for this post. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.