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I recently had the opportunity to review the beautiful muslin swaddle blankets from Tiny Chipmunk, a new company that recently hit the market with their 100% bamboo product. I have fallen in love with them and here is why.

They got the branding right... 

From the logo to the packaging, these amazing muslin swaddle blankets have got it going for them. The swaddled-up baby chipmunk logo is eye catching and memorable, as well as clearly linking to the brand. The packaging is clear, concise and allows you to see the product, so you get your first glimpse of the beautiful muslin swaddle blankets contained inside. Furthermore, the box is recyclable - and who doesn't love a little planet saving packaging? 

They are neutral and come in totally adorable designs...

One of the massive problems with buying muslins and swaddles is so often they come in one colour or another - usually gender assigned. 

These beautiful Tiny Chipmunk muslin swaddle blankets, however, come in neutral colours that mean you can buy them for your daughter or your son - and in the future they can be reused if you have children of the opposite gender! 

Additionally, the designs on printed on them are super cute, from the swaddled baby chipmunk logo to the little hedgehog. They make me smile, every time I see them! 

Chances are that in the future, Tiny Chipmunk will expand their portfolio and offer a wider variety of designs - but for now, these four are perfect and I love them.

They are natural, durable and oh so soft... 

Being made of 100% bamboo makes Tiny Chipmunk's muslin swaddle blankets the perfect item for anyone who is concious of using natural, less processed items for their children. 

In a world where everything is becoming man made and factory processed, it is lovely that there are still natural options on offer. 

Not only natural, these muslin swaddle blankets are also made to last, and made to be comfortable. With each wash they only become softer, and my little one loves to snuggle down inside hers or soft the edge when she is not swaddled inside. Mine have been used and washed multiple times, in and out of our home, and show no signs of fading, wear or tear. They are simply fabulous.

There are so many uses for them...

When you are looking at products such as muslin swaddle blankets, you want them to be useful. The obvious starting point, is to note that they can be used to swaddle your baby. However, they're usefulness doesn't stop there! 

tiny chipmunk muslin swaddle

I have been using mine for a few weeks now, and there are so many ways that I have used them, all around the house.

For example... We use a Sleepyhead for Little L - but of course at fifty quid a pop for the covers, I don't really want to be purchasing another. At the same time, I don't fancy doing a wash a day and having the heating on constantly in order to wash it every time it gets messy. Instead, I fold one of the Tiny Chipmunk Muslim swaddle blankets in half and cover it over. A lovely way to protect the Sleepyhead, and it's cute too!

tiny chipmunk muslin swaddle

Another great use is when we have visitors. Now I'm not a prude, and I'm not too worried about breastfeeding in public - especially as I wear nursing clothes which generally means that little is on show. That doesn't mean that in some cases I won't still cover up. Tying a simple knot of two corners, turns the Tiny Chipmunk muslin swaddle blankets into a perfect feeding shawl.

Of course, being a muslin means that these Tiny Chipmunk beauties have also been used to cover my shoulder when burping Little L - and, on occasion, mop up the odd bit of baby puke.  A pretty standard use for these large muslin swaddle blankets, but useful just the same!

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Disclaimer: The lovely Vicki from Tiny Chipmunk sent me a sample of her gorgeous swaddle muslins, in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.