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Whisbear the Humming Bear is officially one of the best products that we have in our home for Little L, and I cannot tell you how much I have fallen in love with this amazing grey bear. Little did I know when he arrived in our home, that he would become such an important member of our family, as a comforter for not just my baby but other members of my family too.

One of my favourite things about the gorgeous Whisbear, is the fact that the brand and product has been built from the ground up by two mamas. I love to see fellow mamas heading up their own company, and creating products that are fulfilling a purpose in an area that can cause much distress to parents - sleep!

The Whisbear has been designed to aid parents in those all important early days when all newborn babies are freaking out a little bit over not being in the womb anymore. There are two main components to the Whisbear, which are the bear itself and the cry sensor which you place inside.

The Bear

The Design

The fact that the Whisbear and the cry sensor are separate entities means that in the case of any accidents occurring (like projectile poop or puke for example, come on we've all been there) the bear can be chucked in the wash, dried off and put right back to use!

Not only is it washable but it is the perfect shape and size. If it were any bigger it would be cumbersome, but any smaller and it would not be as eye catching for those little eyes trying to look around and focus on new things. The legs are perfect for gripping (as Little L has recently discovered) and the whole bear in just the right size for my toddler to cuddle it.

Within the legs there are magnets that grip the legs together. This is fabulous as it means that he can sit with his legs around things like the side of Little L's Snuz without falling off.

Finally, they have designed the Whisbear with babies in mind, and this is evident by the inclusion of what we fondly call in our house "crinkly stuff". The legs make the same sound as if you were screwing plastic sheeting up into a ball, and as L is beginning to explore the world around her more, it is a great way to introduce her to new things, as it is a sound she can create herself.

The Material

I could sit and stroke the Whisbear all day, he is so soft! Ok, so that would be a bit weird, but you have to understand how lovely it is. Whisbear Official have recently revised the material that they use in order to release a softer version; which is slightly unbelievable, as ours is super soft and fluffy! The best thing about it being soft though is that Little L loves to hug him and as she is getting better at hand-eye coordination she has began to grab for him where he rests besides her at night; just so that she can hug him and feel him!

The Colours

Another great thing about the Whisbear is that they used eye catching bright shades and patterns on the legs, which are important for helping babies eyesight to develop. In the early days they can only see a few inches away from their face, and even as they begin to see a wider view, it remains in black and white for a while. Having bold, bright prints will help them on the journey to seeing everything around them in glorious technicolor. Little L loves to stare at his legs in the morning, where he is looped over the side of her Snuz.

The Cry Sensor

The Automatic Sensor

My favourite thing about the cry sensor is that once you have turned it on, it becomes automatic. It will switch off after a time, but that is not all. There is a clever sensor inside that will turn the white noise back on if your baby begins to murmur and cry. During the night when Little L gets a little restless, it's gentle shushing and whooshing turns on and she settles right back down (unless of course it's time for a feed in which case nothing but milk will settle her!)

The Volume Control

This is something that I only accidentally discovered when my husband sat on our Whisbear (in his defense he didn't see that Squidgy had put it in his seat!) If you press and hold down the button on the cry sensor that you use to turn the white noise on, you can adjust the volume that it emits the white noise at! Now that I know, I use it all the time as it means that I can have it louder when we use it in the car and quieter in our bedroom where there is no other noise around. This has got to be one of my favourite things about our Whisbear, as he goes with us everywhere.

When the Batteries Run Out

When the batteries are running low it doesn't stop working, it gives you beeps as warning. It will however keep working for a short while - long enough for you to get a new set and pop them in.

Not only has he worked wonders for Little L and made such a difference to our lives when it comes to her sleep, but Squidgy has also fallen in love with him too! She keeps asking me if she can have one too, and on occasion has even taken him and fallen asleep cuddling him close to her chest. Ultimately the best way to tell if a product is great is to see how the children react to it, and Whisbear has a massive thumbs up from our family.

Whisbear the Humming Bear has won accolades and awards, but even if he hadn't he would still be worth checking out. Everything from photos to their own blog can be found on the Whisbear website. Plus, if you want to get yourself one, he is on their website here.

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Disclaimer: The team at Whisbear sent me one of their Whisbear the Humming Bear in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.