4 Activities to Keep You Entertained in 2018 | Guest Post | Me Becoming Mum

Disclaimer: This post is a pre-written guest post published on behalf of the team of Overstrand Garden Centre. Photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


As the days get warmer and lighter, we’re able to get the little ones out of the house for a bit to burn off some energy. In the United Kingdom, we have an abundance of activities, so we’ve outlined some that you should add to your to-do list.

1.       Walks

We’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful views with a large variety of scenery; from rolling countryside, to picturesque coastal trails, to enchanting woodland walks. Fortunately, most of these walks are accessible and enjoyable throughout the entire year, whether you choose to cycle in the summer sun with a picnic pit stop scheduled, or if you choose to wrap up warm in early spring and late autumn to enjoy a brisk walk and a rewarding cuppa at the end. Due to the great amount of options, you’re able to tailor these walks to suit you – for example, you and the family could choose to do a short circuit walk before the kids get irritable.

2.       Sightseeing

The UK is home to some of the most noted historical figures; Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare and the Royal Family to name a few. With plenty of fascinating destinations, such as Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, or the Cotswolds, you’ll be able to indulge in a wealth of knowledge and history, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which famous trail or story you would like to follow. You can plan an entire day out when visiting one of the infamous British landmarks, absorbing the culture through sights, experiences, food, drink and the local people. One of the more fun ways to educate the kids about our history!

3.       Shopping

As well as breath-taking views, the UK is a popular destination for shopping. Depending on the type of shopping experience you want, there’s something for everyone; for those on a shopping haul there’s a large selection of high street brands and luxury designers. Or, if you desire local, high-quality products then independent businesses or garden centres are a great choice – often garden centres include a kids area for the children to play and craft while you shop. Most garden centres promote local produce, meaning you can fill up on wholesome, home-cooked food when you’ve finished browsing and the kids are fed up. 

4.       Outdoor Activities

Lastly, for family-based activities, the list of adventures is endless; you could visit the zoo, experience thrilling rides at a theme park, or partake in extreme sports at outdoor leisure centres. You can attend these places for most of the year and it’s the perfect solution for entertaining the kids and wearing them out, as well as remaining good fun for the adults.

With such a vast choice of activities in the UK, it’s easy to visit and appreciate more places in your home country and everything it has to offer. With the array of activities on offer, you could find that you enjoy travelling at home more than you do abroad!