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Disclaimer: We were given free entry to Rock Up Watford in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum. 

Very recently we had an exciting, new, family friendly place open up in Intu Watford... Rock Up (which was previously only in Whiteley, Hull and Birmingham) has now joined our town and we had the opportunity to check it out on its opening day. Here are a few photos and memories from our day, and why I think it makes a great place to visit for all the family.

First things first...

The most important thing for Rock Up is that everyone who climbs their walls is safe, so before you head out to the climbing walls themselves you are given a proper harness and a safety briefing, explaining how to attach your harness to the clip and rope, how to get down from the wall and most importantly how to be aware when other people are using a wall to ensure you don't try and climb underneath someone. Although Pickle (who is too young to climb anyway!) wasn't that interested, Squidgy behaved so well during the climbing wall safety briefing and was able to repeat back to me what she had been told.

Down with the kids...

By far the most anticipated part of the Rock Up Watford experience for Squidgy was the soft play entry to the climbing wall area. Children and adults alike used it to climb down to the climbing walls, although if, like me, you are not climbing, you can use the lift or the stairs to make your way down instead.

Climbing wall bonanza...

Rock Up Adventure Watford

Squidgy was in her element exploring the various climbing walls available at Rock Up Watford, and even her sister wanted to get involved; although she will have to wait until I can book her into one of the slower paced Toddler Climb sessions before she'll be allowed to! There were so many different walls to choose from, suited to all different ages and capabilities.

Safety first...

The clips at Rock Up are easy to click into place on the safety ropes and of course once clicked in, will hold a considerable weight and need a tricky maneuver to take them out again. Squidgy couldn't unclip hers alone but if I wasn't around (off chasing Pickle somewhere, for example) there were plenty of staff around to lend a hand. With the safety mat detached from the rope, everyone knew that climbing wall was occupied. With the rope attached to the harness, she could climb to her hearts content; even if it meant landing on her bum on the soft mat below a fair few times before getting the hang of climbing the walls.

Soft play fun...

If you want a bargain and a chance to sit down after a day in Watford town, Rock Up doesn't just offer climbing walls. They have a fabulous soft play centre and for just ยฃ5 your children can enjoy time in either the baby area or junior area, both of which were thoroughly explored by my girls. The best part is there is a seating area for the adults and a cafe complete with food and drink so you can keep yourself occupied and have a breather and a brew whilst you let your children enjoy some soft play fun.

It's worth noting that every month Rock Up offer specialised climbing sessions at their centres including:

  • Toddler climb sessions: slower paced sessions, catering for children aged four and under with dedicated staff presence.

  • Autism & SEN climb sessions: quiet, calm sessions with a limited capacity.

Rock Up Adventure Watford

We all had such an amazing time together at Rock Up Watford, and I have no doubt in my mind that we will be back very soon; especially for some soft play fun! Be sure to check out their website and book your trip or party ready to take your own family for some climbing adventures.


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