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Disclaimer: I was invited, along with members of my family, to an event hosted by Hollywood Bowl. The following words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.  


Bowling... something I haven't done in many a year and used to be really good at. My brother and me used to compete to see who could get the most strikes (me) and my dad was always amazing at it too. When Hollywood Bowl invited my family and me to check out their new set up in the Intu Watford shopping center I had to say, "yes"! Here's how our time at their VIP event went down.

Who went?

All of us! Yes, we even took two year old Pickle with us and I think the girls enjoyed it more than anyone! Pickle needed a bit of help to get some speed behind the ball, but once she knew what she was doing she wanted to take everyone's turn! Squidgy, as stubborn and independent as ever, did it on her own... and actually beat me (although I did share most of my turns with Pickle!)

What's available at Hollywood Bowl?

Food and drink

You need not go out for a family meal before heading to bowl! There is not only a bar with pretty much any choice of drink available but a lovely menu full of options for you to have something yummy to eat while at Hollywood Bowl. We tried some samples of the food available and I highly recommend the nachos (Squidgy loved the burgers best!)

Arcade games

There is a wide choice of arcade games available to enjoy while you wait to bowl, or after your game is finished! I think the girls tried out every one available bu the Space Invaders was their favourite. 99.9% sure that my competitive husband and brother enjoyed it the most, however!

Bowling (obviously)

You canโ€™t miss the awesome bowling alleys available at Hollywood Bowl, lit with bright, changing colours. The balls are numbered and colour coded by weight making it easy to pick out the one you want to use and you donโ€™t have to change into those crazy, ugly shoes I remember using as a child!

Highlights of Hollywood Bowl

Personalised bowling

Not only could you take a selfie to add to the box next to your name on the score board, but totally personalise the backdrop too! Obviously Squidgy was the one that had the most fun with this feature. It makes a fun, unique addition to the game and even though we only figured it out half way through, we now know for next time (and so do you!)

The girls getting involved

The girls are such a big part of our lives, and there is nothing better than seeing them enjoying themselves. Hollywood Bowl was super family friendly, and we all had such a great time, especially seeing the girls having fun! From the arcade games to the bowling itself, both of them got stuck in, making the most of everything,

Family time

Getting out of the house and spending time with my family is always a winner in my mind. The great thing about Hollywood Bowl is that there is something for everyone there. From the arcade games to the "pretty lights" Pickle loved, the whole family can enjoy time together. It was quite a late night, but so worth it!

We had such a wonderful time as a family at Hollywood Bowl. It was so lovely to spend time together and see the girls enjoying every second of it. We are already planning our next visit, and with it being in the shopping centre it is a super convenient place to take a family trip to!


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