Interior Design Tips that will Help to Add Colour to Your Home | Guest Post | Sloane & Sons

No-one likes the idea of having a drab and boring home. However, you might not like the idea of having a rainbow of shades in your home that requires sunglasses when you walk into a room. To help you to achieve the balance that you are looking for, we have put together some of our favourite interior design tips that will help you to add a splash of colour to your home, without it being completely overwhelmed.

Pick brightly coloured furniture

You may not realise it, but one of the simplest ways that you can add colour to your home, without even touching a can of paint, is to pick brightly coloured furniture. Tub Chairs are a great way to add colour. They are not only available in a variety of colours and fabrics, but tub chairs also look amazingly stylish too. Which means that they are a great choice for those who are looking to add a splash of colour, as well as being able to sit in comfort too.

Think about the outside of your home

Okay, so, you might not always think about your front door when it comes to interior design, after all, it is technically the outside. However, if you make sure that you have a bright and colourful entry to your home, then chances are that you will feel bright and colourful through the rest of the house too. You can do this with a bold front door, or perhaps by planting a variety of coloured plants.

Jazz up your bookcases and units

Storage isn’t always the most interesting part of your home however, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Why not jazz up your bookcases and units by adding wallpaper to the backing of the shelves or perhaps painting them a bright colour instead. This will not only make your storage look a little more interesting but will also bring colour to your home too.

Frame wallpaper

Chosen a wallpaper for your home, but think that it might be too much for an entire wall? Why not  use it to create a rather interesting approach to wall art? We love this idea. Not only does it allow you to have plenty of variety in adding colour to your room, but it is actually quite low cost too, and you can change things up as and when you want to with ease.

Pick a colourful appliance

It isn’t only the walls and the furnishings that you can use to add colour to your home. Another great way is to pick a colourful appliance instead. Appliances nowadays come in a variety of shades, which means that you have plenty of choice and not only do they make an interesting focal point, but they are also great fun too!

Look to the ceiling

What about your ceilings? Yes, we really mean it. Your ceilings can be a great way to bring colour to your home. We have seen some great homes that have patterned or painted ceilings which not only look great but they really brighten up the entire space too. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time looking up!

Bring plants in

If you have a well kept garden then take a look outside. What do you see? Chances are it is plenty of colour. Why not use this as inspiration, as well as a way to bring colour indoors? Plants not only look beautiful both inside and outside your home, but they are also fantastic additions for air quality too.  Meaning you will have a home that looks beautiful, as well as allows you to breathe easily too.

Cushions, rugs and curtains

Possibly one of the easiest ways to add colour to your home is with the soft furnishings. Cushions, rugs and curtains not only give a sense of comfort, warmth and texture to any room. But because they are available in a variety of colours, they can also brighten it up too! Best of all is that they are relatively low cost.

These are just some of the best tips for adding colour, however, as it is your home, which one is going to work for you is down to your own personal taste. The thing to remember is that your home is yours and yours alone. Which means if you want to go all out with colour, then go for it. Just remember that you have to spend the time in there.


Disclaimer: This post is a pre-written guest post published on behalf of the team at Sloane & Sons.