Important Questions to Ask Your Cleaner | Guest Post | Helpling

The decision to hire somebody to do the cleaning is a decision most people don’t take lightly. When hiring a cleaner you will allow somebody in your life who will get to know even your dirtiest secrets. Here are some important questions to ask your cleaner to make sure you are comfortable with this person.

Most people hardly ever deal with hiring or firing other people. That is why the Helpling App is such a useful tool. All the hard work will be done for you. Nevertheless it will be good for you to know who the person is that is ruffling through your drawers. Here are a few questions you can ask to establish what kind of person you are dealing with.

1.       Ask about the experience this person has.

How long has this person been working as a cleaner and where did he or she clean before? It will be important for you to establish whether this person has cleaned in a similar environment as your home. When you have kids or pets, or perhaps have both, it will be good to know that this person has dealt with a similar situation before.

2.       What is this person’s vision of a clean house?

It is possible for a cleaner to clean a whole house, do the dishes, the washing and the ironing all in one day? Knowing his or her vision will help you establish how this person will balance all the work he or she is supposed to do.

3.       How did you land up becoming a professional cleaner?

People who became cleaners out of desperation for money might be tempted by the valuables they see. Those telling you that to them it is a job with great opportunities indicate that they are looking for stability for the long run.

4.       What insurances do you have?

Accidents can always happen but the problem is that they always happen at the worst possible time or involve the most expensive items. Your cleaner should be insured to be able to cover the costs.

5.       What is your vision on detergents?

Most cleaning tasks can easily be done by using basic items or materials. There is no need to purchase expensive cleaning material or detergents that can affect the item that is cleaned. Ask this question to establish if this person only quickly wants to clean or bothers about the item or surface that is cleaned.

Hiring a cleaner is a good step in the right direction to maintain your house in pristine condition, especially when you are gone most of the day. It is important to hire somebody trustworthy hence the need to ask questions upfront instead of finding it out the hard way.


Disclaimer: This post is a pre-written guest post published on behalf of the team at Helpling.