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If you've seen any of my cloth nappy posts, you will already know that I enjoy using them but I thought today I would share my top ten reasons cloth nappies are good for you and your baby!

Cloth nappies are better for the environment.

Disposable nappies fill up landfills and take hundreds of years to degrade. The average number of disposables used by one child is between 6000-10,000. That's a lot of nappies. Cloth nappies are reusable, just wash them, dry them and pop them back on! Easy. Tips for caring for cloth nappies can be found on my blog here.

Using cloth nappies is as easy as, 1, 2, 3.

Unless you choose to use the old-school terry towel nappies with their folding and nappy pins, this style are a thing of the past. Apart from the fact that you have to wash, dry and stuff them, cloth nappies are no different than using disposables. See how easy they are to use here.

There are so many options when choosing which cloth nappies to use.

Not only do nappies come in different brands, but there are multiple styles which all work well for different uses. I have written all about different types of cloth nappies on my blog here.

Cloth nappies can be plain or pretty.

There are such a wide variety of patterns and colours available when it comes to cloth nappies. Some of my favourites are the range of Bambino Mio† AIOs (which you can even pick up in Aldi during their baby events!) and the more budget friendly Littles & Bloomz† BTP option. They are so bright, cheerfuly and pretty, and I really don't think there is anything cuter than seeing a little cloth bum.

Cloth nappies offer comfort.

Lets be honest, if you had to choose, you wouldn’t give up a nice pair of cotton underwear in exchange for a paper version, would you? The proof of how comfortable cloth nappies are, is in how much better Squidgy slept once we moved her out of disposables and into cloth.

Cloth nappies are kinder to your baby’s bum.

I cannot express how much I love how quickly all the problems we had with Squidgy's skin sensitivity and allergic reactions to the disposable nappies cleared up once we put her in cloth nappies. This point needs no further explanation!

You can save a lot of money using cloth nappies.

You can save upwards of £800 by switching to cloth alternatives, if you use them from birth to potty training. Replacing swim nappies with reusable options (for example a one size Konfidence swim nappy†), and using cloth training pants too (Squidgy loved these animal potty training pants† available on Amazon!) will save you even more. Plus if you use the stash you build up for other children, you save that money again and again.

I've found cloth nappies less messy.

I cannot count the amount of times we had to deal with leakage and ‘poo-spolsions’ when Squidgy was in disposables. As long as we had her in the correct size, and they were put on her properly, cloth nappies did not cause the same issues.

Cloth nappies don't smell bad.

I always found that there was a funny chemical smell that emanated from the disposable nappies when Squidgy used them. Even sealed inside a nappy bag, they would still make the bin stink well before it needed emptying. The natural fibres of the cloth nappies meant that there's no weird smell (apart from poo, obviously).

Cloth nappies can be used again (and again, and again).

This may seem like a stupid point as cloth nappies are, by nature, reusable. However, even though there may be a little bit of a wait for them to fit, the great thing about using cloth is that all of our size 1 and size 2 Little Lamb nappies will still be able to be used once our new baby grows into them. Plus any other children we have in the future can use them too.

So there you go, ten perfect reasons to make the swap to cloth nappies today! There are so many ways that cloth Alternatives can change your life, and help you live a more sustainable lifestyle too.


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10 Reasons I Love Cloth Nappies

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