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I’m still in disbelief that I have a five year old. I know we all say it a lot, but time really does fly by. I blinked and my tiny, newborn rainbow baby is in her first year at school celebrating her fifth birthday. Read on to discover some of my favourite choices for birthday gift ideas for five year olds… including my own fun and free (or at least budget-friendly) ideas and some things Squidgy asked for.

“Grown-up” toy dolls

Turning five seems to be the perfect age in my mind for their first Barbie† or even their favourite princess in doll form like Squidgy's Elsa† and Anna†. It's an age where they are much more appreciative of the things that they own, and tend to take better care of them (although Squidgy has a habit of being really lovely to her sister and sharing... and at two Pickle is not so careful!)

Plan a magical party

Turning five has been a big deal for Squidgy. I’m not sure why, but she seems to think that five is so grown up. Now that she has started school and has a group of friends she decided she wanted her first "proper" party with friends instead of just family. I think rather than physical gifts to unwrap, throwing an awesome party can sometimes be a perfect gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. We just had three of Squidgy’s best friends over at our house with a small buffet and some party games like musical statues!

Coming up with birthday decoration ideas to match whatever birthday party themes Squidgy has cooked up each year is a thankless task. This year she chose a princess party, of course. I picked up this cherry blossoms castle photography backdrops† (which is a bargain at £10 as it can be used again!) which definitely added the perfect, magical party atmosphere.

Vtech toys aren’t just for babies and toddlers

Myla the Vtech make-up unicorn

There were two main presents that Squidgy asked for this year after checking out the Smyths and Argos catalogues and both were Vtech toys! John's parents bought her the Vtech Myla make-up unicorn toy† and it is fantastic. It comes with:

  • A butterfly colour pallete.
  • A magical wand which you can use to change the colours of the eyes, horn (which also changes LED lights in the mane!) and wings.
  • A microphone, which Myla will sing into.
  • A comb and hair accessories.

  • As with many Vtech toys, Myla the make-up unicorn is full interactive with so many different things from sound, to colour, to movement for kids to enjoy. She is also one of Squidgy's (and Pickle's!) favourite toys.

    Vtech Kidizoom® pink camera

    My parents gift for Squidgy was the Vtech Kidizoom® pink camera†. In the moments in between remembering that she wants to be a fireman (firewoman?) when she grows up, Squidgy tells me how she wants to be just like me and take photos for her own blog. She has been begging us for her own camera for ages and now she has one! It's great too with a front and selfie camera and so many different settings to explore! Squidgy takes pictures and videos of everything from her toys to our family, and is so sweet doing it!

    Get crafty with Disney princess Aquabeads

    We tried Aquabeads* for the first time at Christmas and absolutely loved them. This time we've been tryin out the Disney princess Aquabeads, something Squidgy was literally bouncing off the walls about! They're similar to the Hama beads I remember using as a child but I think Aquabeads are so much better. Your child can literally do it on their own (as Squidgy did with her new Belle Aquabead face!) thanks to only needing to spray water on the beads to make it set!

    This set even comes with a container to keep the beads separate by colour, so once the plastic bead palette is popped onto your chosen template you can make one of four Disney princesses. Once the water is sprayed onto the beads and it is left to set, the Disney princess playset even comes with a bead peeler to be able to remove the character without accidentally breaking it apart.


    Roll out in style with some heelys

    Just before Christmas Squidgy asked for Heelys after seeing a girls going up and down the high street in them. We didn’t think she was quite old enough, but decided as she was still asking, to get some for her birthday. This beautiful purple and pink pair are from Skates* (and I even have some too!) She is still a little unsteady on them, running on her toes like a ballerina if she doesn’t want to use the wheels but she is definitely getting better, and finding it easier with practice. I don’t know what she likes more about her new Heelys… the colours being her favourite, the fact they have hearts on or even better the fact that the purple H shape on the side lights up!

    Go classic with Sylvanian Families

    How many of us remember collecting Sylvanian Families* when we were kids? They are still a firm favourite with my girls who have a collection at their grandparents house, and also my niece who inherited her mum's collection (from the 80s!) and still loves getting new characters and playsets to add to her collection. There are so many lovely sets available like this dress up duo which we have for my niece for her fifth birthday! No matter what your budget you are sure to be able to find the perfect Sylvanian Families character, playset or accessory.

    You can’t go wrong with Fingerlings

    Squidgy fell in love with Fingerlings last year after we did a Bella the Fingerlings Hugs review, and so I couldn't not include Fingerlings in a birthday gift guide for five year olds! One of her favourite toys is her Fingerlings purple baby unicorn† which is fully interactive, including moving and making noises in response to things she says.

    Plus it matches the Fingerlings mini she got inside her stocking at Christmas... both are purple and unicorns, two of her favourite things. Squidgy loves them, and they are just two of so many different Fingerlings characters from monkeys to dragons in a variety of colours and each individually named. They stay with Squidgy indoors and out, that is at least until her best friend, my fur-baby Pebbles, comes along and wants some fuss!

    Organise a play date 

    Sometimes the best gifts don't have to cost the earth. One of Squidgy's favourite things to do is have her friends over for dinner or a play date. All you need is the number of the parents to contact them and organise a play date of choice. A few top ideas for throwing a perfect birthday play date include:

    • If the weather is nice, head out to the local park. Playing tag in woodland, or having a picnic or simply giving them the chance to play on swings and slides is a great way for them to have fun and run of energy.

    • If you don't fancy a trip to the park, you can still have fun outdoors at home. Set up a garden treasure hunt, or think about getting some pavement chalks if you have a patio.

    • Indoor play dates can be just as fun. Get out crayons, pencils, and paints (if you're not afraid of a little mess!) and let the children get crafty.


    Useful, fun and well-loved gifts from Smiggle*

    We have been fans of Smiggle* for years, with a variety of their products already in our home from lunchoxes to erasers and a snap bracelet. With children turning five usually in their first school year then having a pretty, fun or exciting backpack for their birthday is a great idea. Squidgy has to have a school branded rucksack but absolutely loves her Smiggle bag and uses it whenever she can for picnics and more.

    Even Pickle loves it and with adjustable straps and being quite a lightweight bag, it’s easy for either of my girls to carry which makes it even more perfect!


    There are so many different products that I could have included in this gift guide, but I have included just a few of my favourites. Now you have some awesome gift ideas for five year olds to suit most any budget. I hope you are able to pick out your children some great gifts this year, and they have a really wonderful birthday!


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    Birthday Gifts for Five Year Olds 2019

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