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Time seems to be getting away from me this year. Not only is Little L turning one in just over two weeks, but we are less than a month away from Christmas. Although we did have Little L around for Christmas last year, she was only ten days old, and as newborns do best, she slept through most of it. That means that this year is really the first time that we really get to enjoy a proper family Christmas as a family of four, with both our girls able to have fun and love it all as much as we do. Today's post is all about the gifts that I think are perfect for little ones around their first birthday, just like Little L.

Me Becoming Mum's Christmas Gift Guide for One Year Olds

Simply Because it is Christmas

A Letter from Santa

Last year, Little L was only ten days old on Christmas Day, however we still made sure that she got her own personalised letter from Santa. This year, we have continued the tradition with a letter from Real Santa Letters* which was so easy to personalise and order; plus came with a "Good Child" certificate making it a perfect keepsake too.

I sneakily added a real seal, stamped with the letter "S" before popping the letter back inside the envelope, to create my own touch of authenticity.

Christmas Jumper

There is nothing cuter than seeing your little ones in a Christmas jumper of some description; and you will not be short of choices when out in town shopping, whether you go to Primark and pick up one from there or to Asda and buy a baby elf jumper like the one that I bought for Little L.

For Learning and Exploring

Walker Toy

There are two things about Little L and other children her age that make a toy such as the Fisher Price Princess Mommy Stroll Along Music Walker the perfect gift. One is that she is on her feet, and moving around. She absolutely loves the independence of walking around, and having something to both play with and help support her as she walks will be awesome. Second is that she has taken a keen interest in dolls, just as her sister did at her age. This walker actually includes a doll with it, something I know she will find most wonderful as she won’t have to share it with her sister!

For Adventures and Playtime

Character Play Set

I am not a massive fan of Peppa Pig if I am honest, however although I don’t let my girls watch the TV programme in our house, they love the toys, and there are some awesome sets available including the Peppa Pig Presents and Pajamas playset from Jazwares* that is wrapped and ready for Little L this Christmas. As with most things I am almost 100% sure Peppa, her family and the Christmas items will be chew toys for now, but I also think that she will love them.

Activity Toys

Developmental toys such as the Disney Baby Activity Train are a wonderful gift for a one year old. Learning, playing, enjoying the bright colours and having different shapes to explore are just some of the top reasons why these type of toys work so well for babies of this age. I can’t wait to open it with Little L on Christmas day and let her enjoy this new toy!


We have the most incredible collection of LEGO Duplo sets, from Disney Princesses to jungle themed ones, and both my girls absolutely love playing with them, alone and also together. Little L’s favourite pieces though are any that are brightly coloured or that she can have a good ol’ chew on. Some of the ones that she will always return to are the animals, and so adding a set like this Family Pets Building Set to the growing LEGO Duplo collection in our home, will keep her super happy I am sure.

For Meal Times

A Decent Bib

It has been a while since we have had a weaning child in our home, and somehow I must have conveniently forgot about going through it with Squidgy. It is one of the messiest stages of parenting, and we are currently going through it once again with Little L. I am not a big fan of mess and dirt, as I’m sure a lot of people who know me will attest to, especially when it comes to keeping clothes clean. Baby led weaning and clean clothes do not really go hand in hand, especially with some of the meals that we have such as soup! Using our amazing Bibetta butterfly design UltraBib with sleeves* has been a lifesaver. Not only does it have a handy fold out pocket to catch any crumbs but its long sleeves with elasticated cuffs means it stays put during mealtimes and protects her clothing even if she is wearing a jumper!

Crockery (although plastic versions are obviously highly recommended...)

Little L inherits everything. Being not only a second child, but also a second girl, means that pretty much everything she gets is a hand me down. Her clothes, her bed, even her hair brush used to be Squidgy’s. Christmas is the perfect time to make sure that she gets something to herself, and as we are trying to encourage the next step of baby led weaning (actually using a plate rather than the high chair tray...) buying a matching bowl and plate makes perfect sense. Paw Patrol always goes down well in our house so we have bought her an Everest bowl and plate that we found in Poundworld. There are so many choices out there, and it doesn’t have to break the bank to buy them their very own set.

For Bedtime

Christmas Pyjamas

It’s not just me that loves Christmas, in fact everyone in my house loves it; whether it is decorating the house or listening to Christmas music. One thing that we always have, as well of course as a Christmas jumper, is a set of Christmas pyjamas. We picked up this adorable little elf suit at our local Asda Living store on a recent shopping trip and it makes me so happy to see Little L wearing it!

Christmas Bed Linen

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will all tell you that Christmas is my favourite time of year and I love going all out when it comes to decorating my home to rival even Father Christmas’ grotto. One thing that we have never had before is bed linen, but that has all changed this year. I bought John and myself a set for our bed from Aldi, but Squidgy’s Rudolph the Reindeer Duvet Cover and Pillowcase is from Amazon, and is too cute. As for Little L, we have bought a toddler size duvet and pillow to transition Little L away from her Sleepyhead and got this reversible Reindeer bedding to use this Christmas.

Microwavable Plush

Horses have always been my favourite animal, but I have to admit that the cuteness of all the giraffe items and photos I have been taking thanks to them being Squidgy’s favourite animal make me consider that maybe I could love them too! Little L still doesn’t always sleep for very long at night, and I would do anything to change that. At this time of year I am pretty sure that part of the problem is the major drop in temperature. Wrapping her up warm and popping herheatable Plush Giraffe from hotwaterbottleshop.co.uk* is one more thing that I am trying. If all else fails at least I know she is cozy!

Night Light

Another way that I am trying my best to help Little L get a good night’s sleep is to change the environment within which I put her to bed. I have tried transitioning her out of her Sleepyhead Grand, using a duvet and pillow, keeping her warm, and in a few weeks time I will try using this adorable colour changing Cat Night Light from Find Me a Gift* we will be giving her for Christmas. These all contributing to my attempts to get a better stretch of sleep once we all head to bed. I’m still working it all out, but even if it’s not a 100% fix, I can guarantee she will love the light; especially as she can now say the word, “cat”!


Lift Flap Books

When Squidgy turned one, lift-flap books were her favourite thing to read with me at bedtime. Buying books such as Spot's First Christmas means that Little L not only has her own book collection, but also gives us a chance to enjoy something new as a family. Bedtime stories are something that my girls and I enjoy together each night, and I know that with a little help from Squidgy the selection of lift-flap titles we have bought for her baby sister will go down very well!

Personalised Books

Squidgy has a few personalised books now, I suppose being almost three years older than her sister means that she has had that much more time to accumulate them. If you saw my Preschooler Christmas Gift Guide last week, then you will have seen the awesome Wonderbly Roald Dahl "My Golden Ticket" book she has for Christmas. Of course we couldn’t have Little L being left out so she has Wonderbly’s fabulous (and newest) title, The Christmas Snowflake*. Not only can you add a personalised message, but you can add up to nine family members to be included in the story; and best of all it comes with a beautiful pull-out Christmas decoration. I know that it will sit just right on our Christmas tree (while of course we all keep our fingers crossed that Little L doesn’t simply pull it straight back off the branch as soon as it is hung!)

Soft Toy

Every child loves to cuddle up with a soft toy, and Little L is no different. Both of my girls are big fans of Miffy. They love the TV programme and of course the books (which I have to admit are some of my favourites too... the rhyming is on point!) so this lovely plush Miffy from Jazwares* makes the perfect addition to the Christmas gift list.

For more posts about Christmas, visit the Christmas category page. If you have any questions about any of the products included within my gift guide, which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: I was sent a few of the above items in return for an honest review and inclusion within my gift guide. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


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