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Squidgy is officially a preschooler, and in a few weeks time we will be finding out if we have got our chosen spot for when she starts primary school next September. I'm not quite ready to think about that just yet though, so today I'm focusing on the awesome gift ideas that suit children of her age as we begin the countdown to Christmas. Squidgy started preschool in September and despite all things she does and says to the contrary she is only three. Sometimes even I can't quite believe that is the case! She has such a wonderful personality and loves life, and finding gifts to suit her is not a hard task. Whether she is playing with princesses or trains she loves most everything she touches. Today I am sharing a few ideas of gifts that would be perfect for any preschooler, boy or girl!

Me Becoming Mum's Christmas Gift Guide for Preschoolers

Simply Because it is Christmas

A Letter from Santa

Recieving a personalised letter from Santa is a new tradition for us, which we started last year. This year, the girl's letters were ordered from Real Santa Letters * and were so easy to personalise and order. They come in personalised envelopes with an added bonus inside; a "Good Child" certificate which is the perfect finishing touch, and makes them a perfect keepsake too.

I sneakily pressed a real seal, stamped with the letter "S" onto my girl's letters before popping the letter back inside their envelopes, for extra autenticity.

Christmas Jumper

Since we spent our first Christmas together eight years ago, John and I have had a tradition of buying a new Christmas jumper for one another each year. We have continued the tradition with our girls; and this year was the first time we took them both shopping for one. There were so many choices in our local stores, but I love that Squidgy chose this gorgeous elf jumper at our local Asda Living store. If you don't have a local Asda, you can see their range online or alternatively Primark, Peacocks and TU at Sainsbury's are some of the many stores that have awesome ranges for all the family.

For Practical Use


For a child like Squidgy that never seems to stop growing, it can get quite expensive to keep buying new clothes all the time... and I much prefer for her not to think that she can just "get" things whenever. That makes times like Christmas the perfect opportunity to stock up on things we may need in the next size. One thing I like to do is help support small businesses and also while they are still young, to get my girls matching. Tees like these unique Spidermoon ones from Milksok perfectly fit the bill. Squidgy keeps telling me they are Incy Wincy Spider t-shirts, and she loves it.

For Learning and Exploring

Kitchen Utensils

If there is one thing I can always rely on, it is that Squidgy loves to learn. Especially when that means one on one time with her parents. Her favourite is learning through play, crafts or baking. That makes the Sous Chef Children's Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set * the perfect addition to her Christmas gift list. With a whole selection of her very own kitchen utensils she is able to help her daddy and me out in the kitchen with items that are the ideal size for her. That means less mess, less frustration (for all of us) and more help than she has ever been able to offer before.

Bike and Accessories

We have always made sure that Squidgy gets outdoors as much as possible; and I'm glad we did, as she absolutely loves it. Last year she received a three-wheel scooter from my sister-in-law and her family which went down really well, and is often used to make the trip up to preschool. After having a go on a friend's bike, however, she has decided that she would like to have her own and learn to ride it.

It's not a bad gift idea, but some can be a little expensive, so finding discounted bikes online may be a way to get this gift without breaking the bank. Be sure to invest a little extra money and purchase accessories such as a helmet too, because after all "safety comes first"!

For Adventures and Playtime

Doll's House

Ever since she was born, I have wanted to get Squidgy a doll's house. One of my childhood friends had a handmade wooden doll's house that her step-dad had out together for her that I was (I'm not afraid to admit it!) totally jealous of. This year we decided that Squidgy was at an age where she will be able to look after the doll's house and the small items that go inside so thanks to John's parents (and once we have built it!) she will have this beautiful three storey cream doll's house from the charity, Sue Ryder (which you can find on their website here).

This makes a wonderful gift for any preschooler, and it also gives you gift ideas for others who can buy the furniture and more to go inside! Plus, you have the added bonus of spending money on a gift which supports a charity!

Virtual and/or Augmented Reality

When I was offered the chance to try out Utopia 360°'s 4D+ Dinosaur Augmented and Virtual Reality Bundle * and knew it was perfect for Squidgy. Despite my slight hesitation at letting her loose with my phone, she was totally amazed by the experience of virtual reality. She even stepped back into the surrounding furniture thinking the dinosaur was going to walk into her! She also loved learning new dinosaur names and checking them out using the augmented reality cards. This makes the perfect gift for fun and learning together!


When it comes to watching chilren's TV, Squidgy is not really too fussy; she will watch pretty much whatever you put on for her. If you were to ask her to name all the characters and tell you what they do, what their colour is and more, there are only two that she will do that for. My Little Pony and Paw Patrol. She first fell in love with My Little Pony when playing with her aunty's 80's ponies, and has been collecting them ever since. This year we have splashed out a little and her main gift from us is the My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Playset.

Role Play

Squidgy loves role play. From her kitchen to dressing up. Last year my family purchased a toy box which they filled with dressing up clothes from cowboys and superheroes to doctors and princesses. This year we found Primark's new range of Disney dresses, and as she has had one every year since her first birthday we decided to grab her one this year too. This will be the first time she has had a Belle dress and I am so excited to see the look on her face, as Beauty and the Beast is one of her favourite movies at the moment; along with frozen (obviously).

For Bedtime

Christmas Pyjamas

Squidgy loves all things Christmas, from the lights and decorations to the fact that she can get dressed up. I think it may be partly mostly my fault as it is my favourite time of year, but I don't think it is a bad thing! When we were in our local Asda store picking out a Christmas jumper, Squidgy saw (and fell in love with) these super cute "Santa's Little Helper" pyjamas and we just had to get them for her. They also do matching ones for Daddy Elf, Mummy Elf and babies too!

Hot Water Bottle

I have always loved hot water bottles. There is something comforting about popping one under a soft blanket in the cold winter months or when you are not feeling very well. Besides it is so much cheaper than having the heating on all the time. Combine these facts with Squidgy's favourite animal which is of course a giraffe (especially since she fed one by hand and dressed her sister in a giraffe onesie) and this Giraffe Hot Water Bottle from hotwaterbottleshop.co.uk * is the perfect gift for keeping her warm this Christmas. They have a number of different options available, so you are sure to find one to suit your little one (or even yourself if you prefer!)

Soft Toy

As I mentioned above, Squidgy is a massive fan of My Little Pony and Paw Patrol. Now, when it comes to Paw Patrol, she has decided she is friends with all the characters; and of course especially loves that there are girl pups that help to save the day too. She already has Skye in her bed with her every night and we though that we would add the other girl pup to her collection and have bought her the matching Everest pup soft toy (which you can find on Amazon here).

The rest of the team are also available and you can pick them up on Amazon by clicking their names below:
  • Chase
  • Marshall
  • Rocky
  • Rubble
  • Tracker
  • Zuma
  • Personalised Book(s)

    You may remember when I published my 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide that I had the opportunity to review Wonderbly's personalised "Kingdom of You" book. Now I have had the opportunity to work with them again, and this time it was with one of my favourite stories... Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    Wonderbly have created an amazing personalised story putting your child at the centre of the chocolate factory story. I sat with Squidgy and told her that Santa wanted her to have a look and see if she liked the idea for Christmas and she was so excited; especially now that she is starting to learn to read and recognised words such as her name.
    The book is fab, and it is so easy to get your own version set up. You can personalise the message in the front, the name, add yourself into the story and even make it smell like candy. Check it out and make your very own Wonderbly Roald Dahl "My Golden Ticket" book * on their website here.

    Squidgy's has been hidden away for Christmas sent back to Santa for now, but I'm glad I know that when he delivers it on Christmas Eve it is going to be one which she is going to love during bedtime storytimes.

    Learning Library

    Sticking with the My Little Pony theme of some of her other presents, I decided to get Squidgy some board books to help her along with the learning of words, letters and numbers that we have been working on. The set that we got includes four titles and you can find them on Amazon here:
  • 123
  • ABC
  • Colours
  • Shapes

  • Having said that, it may be worth having a look in your local Poundworld as that is where I came across them and bought the set!

    For more posts about Christmas, visit the Christmas category page. If you have any questions about any of the products included within my gift guide, which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


    Disclaimer: I was sent a few of the above items in return for an honest review and inclusion within my gift guide. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


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