A-Z of Christmas | All About Christmas

I recently shared a post about the top reasons I love Christmas, which you can read here. However, I didn't think it was enough. There are so many thing that make Christmas special; so today I'm writing an A-Z of my favourite things about Christmas. You'll be pleased to know it's mainly in photos so you don't have tonnes to read in this post! Happy Christmas!

A... Advent

From candles to DIY advent calendars, there are so many fabulous ways we count down to the big day.

B... Baking

C... Coca Cola

From the advert signalling the beginning of the Christmas countdown to the truck travelling around the UK!

D... Decorations

Check out last year's decorations here

E... Elf

We have Belle the elf come to stay with us throughout the advent countdown! You can check out her previous adventures here.

F... Family

G... Gingerbread

H... Hot Chocolate

Especially if it's a Christmas Costa!

I...  Ice (and snow if we're lucky!)

J... Jumpers

K... Kids

Children make the Christmas season so much more magical!

L... Lights

Going to the switch on in town and putting a whole city's worth in and around our home!

M... Mince pies

N... Nostalgia

So many amazing memories of Christmas past. 

O... Outings

To see the lights get switched on, to visit the Coca Cola truck, to see Santa, to meet with friends and family and so much more.

P... Pyjamas

R... Reindeer

S... Santa

T... Tree

W... Wrapping

I would love to know what your favourite things about Christmas are (bonus points if they begin with Q, U, V, X, Y or Z as I couldn't complete the alphabet!) Let me know in the comments below.


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