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Just in case you haven't worked it out yet, I love Christmas. Since October I have been cracking out the family Christmas jumpers and today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Christmas outfits.

A family that twins together, stays together! 

Matching family jumpers

This year was the first time I found a range that was unisex (even if it was really part of the men's and boy's range!) to have all four of us in matching jumpers. These are from Morisson's; and, as with most supermarket buys, they are budget friendly. 

Matching children's outfits

When your children are a certain age you can get away with letting them have matching outfits even if they are not twins. My girls love to match (luckily!) The skirt and tights are a set, and they plus the cardigans are from Sainsbury's. The reindeer long sleeved tees and boots are from Primark. 

Reindeer family pyjamas

I am sad to say it is unlikely you will be able to buy these by the time you read this as I bought these matching family reindeer pyjamas from Primark last week and our store is already sold out! There are lots of matching Christmas familt pyjamas available on the market though. Places like eBay, Matalan and more have them available! 

Christmas jumpers will always put a smile on your face.

Budget friendly collections from Primark

My girls practically live in Primark clothing. John working there helps as he sees when stuff goes on offer but mostly it is just because their stuff is super cheap! Despite their clothing being budget friendly I love it, for the girls and for me. Best of all cheap doesn't mean bad quality and they always look fab-u-lous.

A jumper just for me

This one is from Asda, and as some of my my nicknames include, "Queen of Christmas", "Mama Christmas", and "Mrs Claus". I go crazy with the house decorations (see last year's here), update all my photos to Christmas ones (see Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, plus of course my blog headers and about me page!) and just love all things Christmas. Thanks to all of this, my Mrs Claus jumper could not be more suited to me!

Never be afraid to be different.

Christmas suits

Because... well... why not?  I love our OppoSuits Christmas suits, they look fabulous as a set but could also be matched up with a pair of jeans or a plain top to make a whole new outfit all together.

Go big or go home!

Christmas hair accessories

Everyone knows I love doing Squidgy's (and my) hair. This time of year is a great excuse to crack out some of the most epic, exciting hair styles and accessories to match. From a giant bow headband from Primark, to handmade bows from some of my favourite small businesses, I am not short of choices! 

Earrings for the win

In total I have twelve piercings in my ears. That means I have plenty of space to accessorize with Christmas earrings! I have a massive collection now. Studs from Claire's; studs and hoops from Primark; Me to You from Clintons (although that was a fair few years ago now, so who knows if they still exist to buy!); plus some amazing candy cane and bauble drop earrings from Flying Tiger.

Nail art

I have been getting my nails professionally cared for every couple of weeks for around ten or so years now... and what better way to accessorize than to get something Christmas-y added to them? My November offerings have been tame but still in the Christmas spirit! 

I am definitely all over everything to do with Christmas... and this is just a small insight into one aspect of my Christmas life at this time of year. What is your favourite part of Christmas? Do you have a favourite Christmas fashion piece you like to crack out at this time of year? Let me know in the comments below!

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