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Today’s prompt for Blogtober 2018 is “Ditty” for #NationalPoetryDay. Although I usually don’t have a problem with being creative (I am one of the most creative people around!) coming up with a poem to share with all was a bit more of a struggle than I am used to.

In the end I decided to go for a poem about parenthood, inspired by a recent experience out food shopping. My daughter decided to kick off and a lady (who by her carefully manicured nails, perfectly styled hair and ridiculously high heels likely hasn’t got any children or has a lot of help with them… maybe a nanny?!) tutted and gave me the dirtiest look as if to say, “can’t you control your child?”

At the time I was too busy trying to calm my little one down to really think much of it, but after the fact I became quite upset by it. She had no right to judge me. I am a good mama and a fantastic wife and I live my life to look after my family and work in every God-given hour around doing such to make my income.

Here is my poem to that lady, and to anyone else you may deem it O.K. to judge a mum (or dad!) dealing with a toddler tantrum.


I see you with that judgmental look in your eye,

As my toddler throws a mid-shop tantrum & starts to cry.

You don’t have a right though, believe you me,

She’s loved & wants for nothing, yet still fights me you see.

I spend my life caring for two little girls,

From feeding to washing to plaiting their curls.

The rest of my time is spent in the house & out,

Doing chores, days out, & so much more without a doubt.

I make sure they learn as much as they play,

Whilst I spend my life with no spare hours in the day.

I clean, vacuum, mop, cook, shop & wash,

I bathe them & read to them, all the while my own boss.

Once they’re tucked up in bed my work can begin,

Late into the night I slog without the midday din.

I sleep just a couple of hours each night,

To make sure my work is completed & right.

The reality is, all you see are her tears,

What you don’t see is the love, smiles & fun we’ve had through the years.

So before you look at me with that judgmental eye,

Consider the fact you’re only seeing one slice of the pie.


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