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Bath time is always a fun activity in our house, but of course, it isn't just a game, it is also meant to be constructive. There are a number of items that we keep close by for bath time for both keeping my girls entertained and also making sure they get clean and dry by the end of the process. We absolutely love bath time in our house, but there are a few items that we would not have the same experience without, and that it what this post is all about!

A Fun Bath Plug

We absolutely love our ducky bath plug (which is super cheap on Amazon), which is not only useful but Squidgy thinks it is absolutely fantastic. There are so many of these type of products available, from mines to dolphin moodlights but with children being the most regular users of our bathroom, a duck seemed the most appropriate.

Konfidence Floating & Flashing Blinkies*

We all absolutely love our awesome Konfidence set of three flashing bath toys. Unlike a standard bath duck or other toy, they not only float on the surface of the water but when the sensors on the bottom of them come into contact with the water, they begin to light up in a series of changing colours.

I'll tell you a secret, even I like to have them in my bath from time to time. There is something soothing about the alternating colours that light up, and they are small enough to not take up a whole lot of room when you are in the bath. As much as Squidgy and I like to enjoy the lights and have them floating in our baths, when the girls are sharing a bath, Little L prefers to use them as a chew toy!

They are cheap as chips too, which is always a bonus when it comes to products that you want to have around for your children. Be sure to pick up your own Konfidence blinkies on the Konfidence website for just £1.99!

A Stool (for you!)

I cannot tell you how much of a pain it is to perch next to the bath when you are trying to get your children bathed. Never quite at the right height if standing, sitting on the floor or kneeling, and definitely never very comfortable. I tend to borrow the foot stool that we have for Squidgy to get up to the toilet as a small seat, which makes life so much easier!

Dalu TapHat*

I will never get tired of telling everybody how awesome I think the Dalu Solutions TapHat is. I mentioned it in my Keeping Routines the Same with Two Children post and ran a giveaway for them too. It is simply one of the best things that I have ever come across, and makes safely bathing my two girls together so much easier.

These awesome products can be found on the Dalu Solutions website, for just £9.99. An absolute bargain if you ask me, for something that makes the perfect solution to avoiding the hot metal taps for your children (or even as a foot rest for you!)

Bath Crayons

I used to think that I would never let my children draw on anything that was a piece of paper or a colouring pad. This however, was before I came across bath crayons. After carefully considering the fact that it may encourage my toddler to draw with normal crayons on things, I decided that I would trust her. Thankfully she hasn't drawn on anything apart from the bath (and a couple of times her sister...)

The best thing about purpose designed bath crayons is they are completely washable. We have two packs in our bathroom. A pack of four Peppa Pig ones and a pack of four Paw Patrol ones. Depending on what mood she is in, Squidgy will choose which ones to play with and draw on the bath with. She has even started asking to help me clean off the crayon marks at the end of bath time.

I can't remember where we bought the Paw Patrol ones from, however I do know that we bought the Peppa Pig ones on Amazon as an add on item.

Child Safe Toiletries *

There are so many products on the market these days it is hard to know what is good to have. The fail safe options of products such as Johnson's are often the go to when it comes to bathing our babies, but after trying out Good Bubble recently, I have to say it is a new favourite in our home.

Before using this product, I had never come across Cloudberry before, but I have to say, that I absolutely love the smell when I snuggle my girls after bath time is over. The shampoo is one of the bubbliest (is that even a word?) I have ever used, and we have great fun using it to create all sorts of fun hairstyles with Squidgy's long locks!

The Good Bubble range is now available at Sainsburys and you can check out Good Bubble website for their online stockists too; which include Holland and Barrett and Amazon.

A Washmit or Flannel * 

It seems pretty obvious to say that you need something to wash your child with, but hey, it has to be added to the list! If you're going to get something new though, you might as well go for something fun, like the Finding Dory finger puppet wash mitts that were in Squidgy's stocking at Christmas or these awesome "magic" flannels from Beauty Naturals.

All you have to do is pop the condensed shape into water and as it soaks up the water and begins to expand it becomes a flannel. There are five different Opal London magic face cloth designs available, and they are not only fun, super cute and useful, but not too badly priced either, at just £2.25.

Bath (19).JPG
Squidgy absolutely loves her seal Animal Magic face cloth and is super lucky to also have the whale Animal Magic face cloth. You can purchase them both on the Beauty Naturals website, as well as a selection of other bath items for you and your family.

Bath Grippy Dots

We absolutely love our Lindam Munchkin grippy dots. I remember as a child having non-slip mats and dots in the bath at both our own home and my grandparents when we visited there, so it is kind of nostalgic to be using a similar product in the bath with my two girls now. The ones that we have are brightly coloured and Squidgy loves them, helping me press down the suckers against the bottom of the bath.

As well as being a fun addition to bath time, and the perfect safety precaution to stop rowdy toddlers like mine harming themselves by slipping and falling in the bath, they have an added bonus of the heat indicator that only appears if the water that you have run in the bath is too hot. This is perfect for all us parents who don't necessarily have time to stand there and check a thermometer for the exact temperature at every bath time.

They are certainly worth adding to your bathtime routine. You can buy them, as we did, as a pack of six from Amazon.

A Towel

Another obvious one you might say, but it is a bath time essentials post after all! Soft and snuggly towels are a must when it comes to bathing your children, because they are not only a way to dry your children but it makes them so cuddly and cute too! 

Squidgy has an all time favourite (one that is sorely missed and the cause of more that one tantrum at times when it has gone in to the wash!) which is a poncho style towel, complete with hood and character from one of her favourite movies, Disney's Frozen! Little L has a personalised pink and fluffy giant bath towel, that is so big she gets lost inside it, but it is certainly wonderful to have her wrapped inside and cuddles and kisses a plenty are given once both girls are tucked up in their towels before I get them dried and dressed!


Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products I have been sent for the purpose of testing them out for review. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them.