Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary, John // A Letter to My Husband

Today marks six years of being married to the love of my life, John. He had been my rock and support through some very difficult times, and had given me so much joy throughout the years. I still can't quite believe that we have actually been married for six years, in many ways it feels like the day we married was only yesterday (but don't get me wrong, sometimes it feels as though we've been together forever!) I am so lucky to have John in my life, as my husband and also as the father to our two beautiful daughters. Today, I am writing a letter to my husband as we celebrate these six years of marriage.

P.S. John, before you read this... The U.S. traditional gift for sixth wedding anniversaries is iron, and I promise you if you have bought me an actual iron that steams clothes flat, you know exactly where you can stick it. 

Dearest John,

Just so you know, before I even begin to write this letter, you are far from perfect. Oh boy, do you have your flaws. I hate that you throw your socks on the floor, just short of where the wash basket is, for example. I mean, really, you are thirty six years old, how difficult is it to put them inside said wash basket, just inches away from where you put them. I digress. Today is about the fact that we have been married for six years.

Six years.

Seriously though, where has the time gone? I can't quite believe that six years ago, I was preparing to walk down the aisle to marry you. Six years ago I was panicking over all that we had prepared and agonising over the idea that something might have been forgotten or that something might go wrong. Sorry for being a total bridezilla, but I wanted it to be perfect. After all, I only plan to marry once, and that is to you.

The day we married is still the best day of my life. O.K. so I have to say that the births of our children are a close second, but the day that we married will always be special to me. The day that I finally became Mrs H, the day I finally got to officially sign my new name for the first time, and the day that I saw you cry tears of joy when you saw me (I don't think you've cried happy tears over how beautiful I look since... maybe I need to make more of an effort?)

I will never forget how much my face hurt from smiling so much that day, and how much we laughed together at how idiotic we looked being all soppy and romantic and "gooey" (I believe that was the word you used...) in public together. I am so glad that we started our marriage with smiles and laughter, as that is how it has continued. No matter what we have faced together, we are always able to laugh with (and sometimes at!) each other, and make each other smile.

You have made me happy beyond words, and I love that I still get butterflies when I see you, even if it's only a few hours since I saw you last! You have given me so much joy, and of course, our two beautiful children, so for that I love you even more. Every day is another day added to the time that we have been together, but no matter how many days are added, my love for you continues to grow, and even if you can sometimes be a bit of an idiot, I am so glad that I am able to say, "he's mine" about you.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for us. There are many more milestones and anniversaries that I know we will come to, and I am so glad you are the one that I will be sharing each and every one with.

Thank you for being my one true and only love, and for always being there (even when I'm being a little bit crazy).

All my love, forever and always,