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Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products I have been sent for the purpose of testing them out for review. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them. All views and opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


Knowing what to buy the man in your life for his birthday isn't always easy, especially if they already have everything they need around their home. John is one such man; so this year for his birthday, I decided that the gifts I would get for him would be useful, or things I knew he would enjoy. Here are a few ideas that you could get for the man in your life.

Their favourite tipple (or a new one)

Birthday gifts such a alcohol are always a winner, as they don't take up permanent residence in the recipients home. Buying the man in your life a bottle of his favourite wine or whiskey is a great start; but why not try gifting him something new. The amazing new Belhaven Twisted Mango IPA* is a great choice if you want to offer something fresh.

The perfect brew to accompany a warm, spicy curry or even a lush Mexican fajita mix; from the moment you open the can and the beautiful aromas swiftly drift up to you nose to the amazing fruity taste, this beer is something that my hubby and I both enjoyed (and have bought again since!) and the best thing is that it is made here in the UK!


I'm pretty sure that one of my hubby's favourite things about me is the fact that I can bake. Although they do not always look professionally decorated, they always taste amazing. Knowing that he can guarantee a homemade cake at his birthday always makes him happy... after all, we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

A coffee maker for the early riser

Every night before I go to bed, I make John a packed lunch ready for him to take to work with him the next day. One thing I've not been able to do, however, is make him a coffee (because let's be honest, I'm not getting up at 6AM to get it done in time!) For his birthday I was sent the amazing Russell Hobbs Brew & Go* which has been a life saver. It not only comes with its own travel mug; but it can be used with coffee pods or ground coffee of any brand which means John has been able to have homemade Costa instead of spending money on expensive barista produced ones.

It has a wonderfully sleek design, that doesn't take up much space at all, and fits perfectly into our kitchen which not only has other Russell Hobbs products in it but is black, white and chrome! The best thing about this awesome piece of kitchen equipment though, is the fact that you can set a timer and it will make your coffee for you automatically at the time you set. So now when I put together John's packed lunch, I set it with his favourite ground coffee, pop in the right amount of water into the back of the machine and slip a spoonful of caramel syrup into the travel mug ready for his morning brew.


New kitchenware or DIY tools

Most men love a bit of DIY so updating their tools with some new, exciting ones like John's new electric screwdriver (which by the way is a bargain at just £12.99!) is bound to put a smile on their face. Alternatively if they, like John, enjoy a spot of cooking in the kitchen, buying them something special for the kitchen will do the trick as a great birthday gift for him. I bought John a wok kit that came with a new wok and some herbs and spices to make a homemade Chinese dinner, something that we both enjoy a lot... Now he has no excuse to not make me an awesome stir fry (who said that their birthday gifts have to be purely for them anyway?!)

My top ten gifts for under £10

Sometimes, especially as you get older, it is easier to just buy birthday gifts that stock to a budget. Here are some of my favourite ideas for birthday gifts for him that are under a tenner! 

1. A personalised glass

Buying a birthday gift that is not only budget friendly and unique and personalised to the recipient but also something that you can guarantee will be used and loved by the man in your life is a winner in everyone's book. 

2. Something homemade (particularly if you have children!) 

The best gifts are the personal ones, from a handrawn masterpiece by your toddler to creating a hand sewn, crocheted or other creative gift of one of their favourite things such as their favourite animal.

3. A new phone case

When it comes to using technology around children (or clumsy adults) you can never be too safe. There is an amazing range of phone cases, screen protectors and other accessories at Mobile Fun* to fit all the recent mobile phone models.

4. A framed photo

You can never have too many photos in your home so popping your favourite family snap into a gorgeous glitter glass "FAMILY" photo frame makes a lovely birthday gift that won't break the bank.

5. Deodorant gift sets

As cliche as they may be, gift sets like Lynx are the perfect gift for the man in your life and they will always be needed. Try to find something that you know they use.

6. Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate and whether you buy a giant bar of their favourite brand or a "Happy Birthday" chocolate cookie from Millie’s you can be sure it won't last long after the birthday gift has been opened.

7. Cufflinks

There are plenty of cufflinks available for under a tenner... from a pair of rugby balls or other sporting related ones, to a pair for daddy.

8. A personalised keyring

Show them you love them with a Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Wooden Keyring  you can have engraved with names and dates special to you both.

9. A personalised grooming kit

No man is exempt from having to take a bit of care with his personal grooming,from shaving to brushing their hair. Buying a birthday gift like this personalised men's grooming gift set is the perfect solution.

10. Love message(s)

There is nothing nicer than finding a little love message left for the special man in your life somewhere he is likely to find it, for example on a lightbox, letter peg board or even a post-it note. This is something that I do all year round, but makes a lovely (super cheap) birthday gift too!

So whether you're after budget busting birthday treats or something they will be able to use again and again, hopefully you now have a few ideas when it comes to buying birthday gifts for him.