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I still can't quite believe that my gorgeous baby girl has turned one. I mean seriously where did that time go!? It feels like only yesterday I was sharing on social media about the arrival of Little L and now we have a walking, talking one year old terrorising us around the house! As we celebrate her first birthday it only feels right that I share a few ideas that I think make perfect gifts for that all important first birthday!

My First Year Frame

When it comes to my home there is one thing that there is no shortage of... and that is photos of my family. I love to put frames on the window sills, the walls and even have a few canvases around. That means choosing a gift like the beautiful "My First Year Frame" from Find Me a Gift* is a no brainer. I am someone who loves to take photos so I have plenty to choose from to fill the frame and it will be so lovely to have the memories captured together.

I never had a frame like this for Squidgy which I kind of regret, and I think it may be something that I need to invest in and do... better late than never right?

For Adventures and Playtime


My girls are both massive LEGO Duplo fans, but Squidgy has moments where she decides that the boxful we have is all hers... and that means she doesn't wan to share. John and I thought that Little L's first birthday was the perfect opportunity to start her own collection and so we bought her the LEGO 10832 Birthday Picnic Set; an obvious choice don't you think?

She also recieved a few extra sets from other members of the family and has her own boxful now too! There is so much choice available in the LEGO Duplo range, so it is the perfect gift for every budget.

Toy Phone (in some vain attempt to stop them chewing on ours...)

At the moment there is no shortage of items which Little L will use as a phone, from our house phone to a book off the shelf. For her first birthday we thought we would attempt to stop her trying to steal our mobiles and invest in her very own VTech smartphone. Don't get me wrong she still loves to chat away into any object she gets her hands on, but this phone toy is definitely her favourite. Especially as it lights up and makes noises too.


You may have seen my Christmas Gift Guide for Preschoolers and seen that Squidgy got a bike... and when it comes to our girls we always try and be fair so Little L got one for her first birthday too. The difference is hers doesn't have peddles and stabilizers, it is the amazing ToddleBike2 * and she absolutely loves it. She walks really well independently these days and running around the room on her ToddleBike2 never fails to put a smile on her face. Her legs are a little short to be able to sit on the seat just yet but she doesn't let that stop her!

Hide and Go Squeak Eggs

There are so many toys available on the market and I'm pretty sure that my children have had access to most of them. I absolutely love these TOMY Hide and Squeak Eggs which are available from Find Me a Gift*. They're not only great fun but also educational; from matching the colours of the eggs to the chicks inside to matching the shapes on the bottom to the egg case. To be honest, Little L liked having a chew on them, where her sister joined in to actually put them back together and I loved watching them play together.

For Learning and Exploring

Teething Toys

Teething is one of the worst things that children have to go through. Although she already has the central two teeth both on the top and the bottom, she is now cutting the ones either side all at the same time. Yep, you read that right. Four at once. That makes these amazing items from Halia Rose* the perfect gift for her, she loves to play with them and have a giid ol' chomp on them.

For Bathtime

Stackable Cups

Around the time of their first birthdays, both my girls began to take a greater interest in trying to work out how things work. Little L has taken the exploration a bit further than her sister ever did and loves to build, knock down, open, close, and pull everything out to look at everything in turn.Β  Stacking Cups are a great way to keep those little hands busy, whilst and helping them develop those all important motor skills.

Little L has an amazing set from John Lewis, which unfortunately isn’t available anymore, however I love these Disney Mickey Mouse Stacking Cups which are bright, colourful and of course you can’t go wrong with purchasing a little Disney.

For Bedtime


Lift Flap Books

Sticking with the birthday theme that we went with for the LEGO Duplo we bought for her first, we invested in Spot's Birthday Party lift flap book to go with her growing collection of Spot books. I loved Spot when I was younger and now she does too. To be honest with you though, the best part has to be not when I read to her and see her get excited about books and characters, but instead when she sits with her elder sister and Squidgy reads to her. She may not know how to read all the words yet but she will always give it a good go.

New Pyjamas

Pyjamas will always be a winner... especially as the majority of children will be moving into yet another size of clothing around their first birthday. Using events such as their birthday to gift them useful items such as this will not only ensure that the gift you buy is useful but also help out in terms of the money that parents spend on their children (and let's be honest, clothing is one of the biggest expenditures that parents face!)

Little L was fortunate enough to have some wonderful gifts for her birthday, even though it was only just over a week until Christmas. Not only did she receive some useful ones, she also found herself with plenty of fun ones too! I hope that this post will give you some great ideas for that special first birthday gift; whether you are looking for your own little one or someone else's child.


Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products I have been sent for the purpose of testing them out for review. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them. All views and opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


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