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Ever since I was a child, I have loved to read. Although I read less than I used to since having my girls, I still love it. These days instead of romantic novels, I tend to read stories of princesses and stick men and caterpillars eating a lot. Over the years my girls have picked up on my love for books and I am so proud!

Why I love reading

I have always loved to read, ever since I first started learning to read words for the first time. I find it relaxing, and therapeutic to escape to an imaginary world for a while. Plus there is something so nice about snuggling up in bed or a nice warm bubble bath with a book.


My favourite books

I have always loved adventure books, or those with a little excitement in them. Whether I'm reading a bit of Bond or diving into The Hunger Games I enjoy anything that I can jump right in to. Nowadays I tend to be found reading more children's books and bedtime stories, however. Not that I'm complaining!


My girls' favourite books

My girls love a variety of books, but at the moment Squidgy is a big fan of all things written by Julia Donaldson. As for Pickle she loves anything colourful, especially the Hungry Catterpillar story! 

Reading for school

Squidgy is currently learning a whole host of new things at school, including how to read. Every Thursday she comes home with a new book she's chosen in the library and it's encouraging us to spend even more time than usual reading books.


I have always enjoyed a good book and I am so glad that my girls have inherited my love of books. Do you like to read? What's your favourite book?


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