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Today's prompt for Blogtober was about gross motor skills for #dyspraxiaawarenessday. Although I think it is important to raise awareness, I wasn't sure what to write. It is not something I have any experience with, and I didn't feel it was a subject I could do as well as it deserves.

Instead I am sharing a post I had drafted for publication this autumn season. I've written about my favourite autumn activities to do with children. Some we have already done, others I have discovered more recently and plan to do with my girls for the first time this year!


Things we have already done and highly recommend

Conker painting

I take Pickle to a baby and toddler group each week and at one of the sessions they did conker painting. It was so much fun (albeit a bit messy!) and I'm sure I will do it at home with my girls too!

Pumpkin picking

Last year we went to Hill Farm Pick Your Own in Peterborough, but as we are now in Watford I will have to find somewhere new to explore!

Pumpkin carving

Last year was the first time we carved a pumpkin despite having them in the house in previous years. I think I did a good job of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. I have set myself up with a challenge now though to make this year's just as good! 

An autumn photoshoot

I absolutely love the colours at this time of year. After having our maternity photo shoot when I was pregnant with Pickle outside in the woodland; I have been inspired to go and take amazing pictures out amongst the autumn colours.


Toast marshmallows

I can't remember when I first tried toasted marshmallows but I love them! This time of year in front of a fireplace or fire pit (depending on what you've got!) is perfect for it.


Things I would like to do with my girls this year

Leaf art

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook and I had to save it as an idea to do with my girls!


Autumn fingerprint trees

This idea from Homeschool Craft and Art is so lovely, and I know my girls would enjoy getting messy to make these!


Pine cone decorations

My uncle and aunt brought us a bag of pine cones from their woodland when they came to visit, so I plan to use them to make some Christmas decorations with my girls. I know Christmas isn't autumn, but it's still an autumn activity as pine cones are around at this time of year!


Autumn leaf wreath

I think this is a fabulous idea from Happiness is Homemade, and so easy to do!


Conker caterpillars

I found this idea at Claire's Little Tots and love it! I actually need to take my girls to gather up some conkers first though before they are all gone!


Paper place autumn leaf butterflies

I'm not a big fan of real butterflies (I have a phobia of things that flutter!)  but this idea from Glued to my Crafts is awesome!


I know that we will have lots of fun gathering the leaves and other bits we need for these crafts. Equally I'm pretty such the girls will love the crafts too! If you have any great ideas for Autumn crafts, let me know in the comments box below.


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