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When the lovely Louise from Mummy Miller tagged me to take part in the Five Funny Things Tag I wanted to try and figure out what spin I would take on it. Her post was all about the funny things her little one does, and I decided to play on that with five funny things I never expected about parenthood.

I never expected... feel like I have three children to raise thanks to my husband being as bad as our two girls

In fact I would even go as far as saying in some ways he is worse than our children. Even Squidgy puts her dirty clothes into the wash basket and doesn't leave dirty socks or other articles of clothing all over the floor!


I never expected...

...for it to be 'normal' to have someone shout at me to come wipe their bum, and for me to do it!

We are now trying to teach Squidgy how to wipe her own butt when she does a number two, so that she can do it on her own when she starts school. However for over a year now it has become a part of our daily life to be summoned to do it for her!


I never expected... start sounding like my mum!

Don't get me wrong, I love my mum. However I never thought I would end up hearing things she used to say when my brothers and I were younger coming out of my own mouth. For example, "why do I have to keep repeating myself" (said on repeat...) 

I never expected... have all kinds of drama with my child, because she is just like me! 

Squidgy and I are two peas in a pod. Not only does she look just like me but we have very similar personalities. On any given day we can go from best friends one minute to epic tantrums and her telling me she wants a new mummy the next. We clash badly, and being as stubborn as each other that neither of us will back down.


She can be so cute though, and I can deal with all the tantrums and arguments for those special moments we have together. Those moments that she runs over to give me an impromptu hug; or the moments she shouts down the stairs after bedtime to tell me that she loves me the mostest; and especially the moments she tells other people (such as her dad) that mummy is the best, her favourite and/or her best friend. 


Finally, I never expected... be judged, but I am as for some reason everyone has an opinion on how I raise my children!

It seems that everything I do for or with my children is open to discussion, advice and anecdotes; and that everyone thinks that it is O.K. to butt into my life and tell me how I should be raising them. Let's be honest though, the only person I am likely to listen to when it comes to parenting is my husband. Even then we don't always agree, but at least as the father to our children he has as much right to parent our children and I do. Everyone else should just butt out!


So there you go. Five funny(ish) things that I never expected before I became a parent!


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