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If you'd have said to me four years ago, when we first moved to Peterborough, that today I would be writing about how we are moving back down South to one of the most expensive areas to live in the country I would have thought you were crazy; yet here I am.

Moving to Peterborough was a decision we made for our family to have a better life. To live away from the London commuter belt and 24/7 rat race lifestyle and, most importantly, to be able to save a considerable amount of money on rent and other outgoings.

In the same way that was the best decision for our family then, saying goodbye to Peterborough and moving to new pastures in Watford is the best thing for our family now. Even if it does mean a hefty rise in outgoings each month.

The reality is, I have not been doing so well recently. If you follow me on social media you may have seen a few videos, photos and posts I have put up about my battle with anxiety; something that although hard to share, I felt I needed to. Although my friends in Peterborough have been awesome and so supportive, at the moment I just need a bit more help. I love them dearly, but as great as they have been it's not fair that I burden them all the time!

With John doing long hours as a manager and living a minimum of just under two hours away from the nearest family member I have felt very cut off and lonely living in Peterborough and trying to deal with my anxiety whilst still functioning as a wife, mother, blogger and every other hat I wear. So when a position became available in Watford (which would allow us to be closer to family and friends) John asked if it was something that I would like him to try and move to.

After a little deliberation and a fair few tears, I agreed it was best.

Best for me.

Moving closer to family and friends means I can get support when I need it, and not feel so cut off.


Best for him.

Living in Watford means John knows I am a stones throw away from town (within walking distance) as well as being close to family and friends should I need help. That way he doesn't have to be rushing home all the time, or helping me travel long distances to be it family who can help me out.


Best for them.

They will not only get to see their family more often but most importantly will have a mum who is getting better quicker. A mum is more relaxed knowing that help is just a moment away if she needs it; and hopefully keep their beautiful faces smiling.

Best for us.

Whatever we do, we do as a family with all our interests in mind. Ultimately this move is going to be good for all of us, especially because we will be together.ย 


At some point I will try writing a full blog post about everything that has been going on, but for now I just can't face thinking about all of it. I'm just trying to take things one day at a time... and at the moment that is stressful in itself as we pack up our old house and prepare to move to our new one!

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