My Favourite Instagram Photo | Blogtober 2016 | Me Becoming Mum

Have you followed me on Instagram yet? When looking back through my IG feed, there is some amazing memories that I have already built up on there! Trying to choose my favourite was tough, but I managed it! 

I decided on this one of my beautiful girl and me from a few weeks ago. 


I took this selfie with my girl, because it was the first time she let me do her hair of her own free will. 

Usually, R is not a fan of having anything done to her hair from washing it to brushing it and I rarely get to style it. 

Having seen my hair in twin plaits, she decided she wanted to be just like mummy, and sat good as gold and let me do hers the same way. 

It may seem silly to some, but this was a big milestone for me, and such a lovely bonding experience. 

Hopefully we will continue to be able to do things like this together, and enjoy it as much as we did this day! 

Make sure you check out my IG feed, there is loads of awesome photos there!


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