The Liebster Award

Thank you to Jaymee from The Mum Diaries for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

I consulted our good friend Google, to find out how the Liebster Award works, and have written my post accordingly. This award is awarded by bloggers to other bloggers; as a way to share the love!

Liebster Award Nomination from Zoe Marie Lloyd

Liebster Award Nomination from Zoe Marie Lloyd

Liebster Award Nomination from The Mum Diaries

Liebster Award Nomination from The Mum Diaries

Jaymee's ten questions for me to answer

  1. If you won the lottery what would you do?
    I actually wrote a post about this which you can read here, but basically I would make sure that myself and my family were set for life - after which I would take a well earned holiday, and probably take my husband and children to visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.
  2. Describe your ideal house
    To be fair, I am absolutely in love with the house that we currently live in; it is perfect for us. As long as there is enough livable space, and my family are there, I am happy.

    My dream house however, would include:
    - Self-sufficient means of powering it e.g. solar panels.
    - At least two reception rooms, so we could have an 'adult only' zone and one with all our children's toys in it.
    - A room for each of my children, and for us with a nice guest room so that we would be able to have people come and visit.
  3. If you had to change careers, what would you do?
    I wouldn't change what I do for anyone! I love being a mummy. I love blogging at Me Becoming Mum. I love running Mama Naii's Crochet.
  4. Who is your favourite music artist?
    I have trouble narrowing this down as I like a wide range of music but one group I cannot get enough of are Pentatonix, a Canadian a Capella group.
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world for a holiday where would you go?
    As you probably already guess from my answer to the first question, I would visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I absolutely love all things Disney, and my two year old does too. It seems like an obviously choice, but I have always wanted to go.
  6. Do you have any pets?
    We do indeed! We have a cat named, Pebbles. She is a beautiful tortoise shell who is about three years old. We also have one of the kittens from her first (and only) litter, who R named, Jess. They are amazing, and you can read more about them in my upcoming post for #AlphaBlogBites.
  7. Why did you start blogging?
    You can read the story in full by visiting the post I wrote a few weeks ago called, "Why I Started Blogging". Basically though, it was Filipa who blogs over at Gourmet Mum who got me into it. She encouraged me to start blogging, as she believed it was something that I would be good at.
  8. What movie best fits your life?
    I have no idea how to answer this one... I have a large extended family, and Cheaper by the Dozen reminds me of all the fun and craziness we had at big family gatherings. The part of Cinderella where she wins the heart of the prince over a group of other girls epitomizes John's and my story. There is no one movie that closely resembles my life as a whole.
  9. What was your favourite children's TV programme?
    When we were children we didn't often watch TV, but I have fond memories of watching Danger Mouse, Sylvester and Tweety Pie and other cartoons on Boomerang.
  10. What is your best childhood memory?
    I have some amazing memories from my childhood, but one of my favourites is a time when my dad's parents took myself and my brothers away for a caravan holiday.
    We visited a donkey sanctuary, which was amazing for me as I love all animals in the equine family.
    I also remember there was a playground there, and although we were all very young, I remember my brother going down the slide and landing in the muddy puddle at the bottom, and bursting into tears. Much to my amusement as the big sister!

Zoe's 150-300 word 'Blog I Love' challenge

My favourite blog at the moment is The Honest Confessions of a NICU Mum. I love the way that Vicki writes honestly, and from the heart and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions even if they are not what people want to hear.

My favourite post that she has written recently was a letter to the public called, ‘A Warning to the Public – I Cannot Control My Child’. It was so on point, and something I know a lot of parents can relate to. The best part was the shocking sign that was put up in a store (read the post to see what I mean!)

Not only had Vicki has been a guest blogger on my blog, but during the time that I have been blogging we have also become online friends. We are even planning a collaboration between Mama Naii’s and NICU mum to support parents who have to go through the awful experience of having a little one in the NICU.

I love this amazing mummy, and am so glad I got to know her.

Ten random facts about me

  1. I have never been able to give blood, although I would love to due to age, tattoos, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.
  2. I went to an all-girls high school.
  3. At 6'3", my husband is almost a foot taller than me as I am spot on average at 5'4".
  4. My husband is ten years (plus 18 days if you want to be pedantic about it...) older than me.
  5. I had never travelled abroad before I turned 16, and that summer I travelled to Uganda.
  6. I have never travelled to mainland Europe, although I have visited to various European islands as well as having flown and stayed in Africa.
  7. I hate anything that flutters near me, especially daddy long legs and moths.
  8. I am allergic to Elastoplast.
  9. Despite my husband and I both having dark brown eyes, our daughter has light eyes - which are mostly blue - just like my dad and father-in-law do.
  10. I didn't get my full driving license until I was in my twenties.

The bloggers I am nominating for the Liebster Award

Charlotte from It's Mammy Not Mummy

Jo from Conflab Corner

Julie from Pondering Parenthood

Katie from Living Life Our Way

My ten questions for my nominees to answer

  1. If you were an animal, what would you be?
  2. Who do you consider to be your idol?
  3. Sun or Snow?
  4. Which day holds the best memory (or memories) for you?
  5. You're holding a tea party, and you can pick four famous guests. Who would they be?
  6. Which movie or TV character would you most like to marry?
  7. What day of the week do you most look forward to?
  8. What was your first car? (If you don't have one, what would your dream car be?)
  9. You are stranded on a desert island. What five items could you not live without?
  10. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or something else?

The official rules of the Liebster Award can be read here but I have also included them below:

Step 1: Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
Step 2: Display the Liebster Award badge.
Step 3: Answer the ten questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
Step 4: Provide ten random facts about yourself.
Step 5: Nominate between five and eleven fellow bloggers you believe deserve the award.
Step 6: Create a new list of questions for the nominees to answer.

Don't forget to let the nominees know that they have been nominated for the Liebster award, and ask them to put the rules at the bottom of their post too!