Thank You Husband | A Love Letter | Me Becoming Mum

Sometimes, we can unwittingly take advantage of those around us. We don't mean to; we don't want to; but sometimes we just take it for granted that they will always be there; that they will always be what we need them to be. Sometimes, we forget to say thank you. So here is my letter to my husband, the love of my life and the father of my children.

To my dearest John,

I tell you, "I love you" every single day. I kiss you, I hug you, and I smile for you every single day.

Despite this, I do not thank you as often as I should. I don't thank you for the little things, and sometimes I even forget to thank you for the big things. No matter the course our lives have taken, you have always been by my side; and I can never truly express the gratitude I feel for having you there with me, through thick and through thin.

When life has been hard; and when events have taken me to the point at which I didn't know how to continue; you have always been there. On the good days, you have smiled and laughed with me. On the bad days you have held me through the tears; the pain; and the sorrow. Thank you for standing by me; no matter what.

When we lost our babies - and you felt the heartbreak just the same as I did - you remained strong, always. You knew that I needed my space, and that I need to grieve. At the same time, you knew I needed someone to turn to, someone who understood but could be strong through it all.Β Thank you for being strong for the both of us, when I felt as if nothing could ever be right and good again.Β 

When I held our daughter for the first time, and I was exhausted and I felt broken, you came and held my hand and kissed my forehead. You smiled, with tears in your eyes, and a look of love and awe on your face. Thank you for holding my hand when words were not enough.

There are many times when I haven't done my hair; and haven't put any make-up on. You don't care, because you love me regardless. There are times when I am concentrating on spending time with our daughter, or so exhausted I fall asleep before you get home from work. Thank you for not minding, and for capturing those moments on camera - just as I do for you.

There are no real words to express the way that I feel about you. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love you; or how much my heart melts when I see you spending time with our daughter; or how special the moments are when we finally get some time alone together.

Thank you for being my rock and support, and always being there.

Finally, thank you for being you.

Yours forever and always,