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Mother's Day seems to have crept up on me this year, and I have legit not thought about it at all! Here are a few of my favourite gift ideas, however... So take a hint John (because I'm not sure he's realised it's so close either!)

Something Personalised

The perfect locket

I absolutely love gifts that come with a personal touch, and if you visit Poppy Lockets* that is exactly what you'll be able to buy. With some beautiful charms available to choose from as well as a variety of different coloured and shaped lockets to suit every mama. I have been a fan of Poppy Lockets for a long while now (and showed you another amazing locket at Christmas!) and so this surprise arriving in the post was certainly a good one! Everything from the selection of options available to you to the amazing customer service offered by the lovely Helen; the lady behind the business.

Engraved keepsake

When the lovely Chantel from Kent Made contacted me to ask if I wanted collaborate with her new business, I had to say yes... She has such a fabulous array of engraved products and I certainly wouldn't be able to choose just one that I love! If she had been around when I was planning my wedding, I would for sure have had to order her heart shaped wedding save the date pieces, because they are literally one of the best things I have seen in a while. Obviously with this being a Mother's Day gift guide, however, I'm going to give her engraved wooden Mother's Day collection including this gorgeous flower. With the option to personalise it to add children's names or even change the recipient (Grandma, Nanny etc.) they make the perfect gift, plus they are budget friendly; all for under a tenner!

Hand sewn keepsake

My gorgeous friend Jemma runs a small business called, It's Sew Jemma... and I have a number of her b-e-a-utiful makes around my home. She has taught herself to sew a variety of different items from scratch, and more recently ventured into the wonderful world of personalised gifts. When it comes to Mother's Day you can't do better than her simply stunning personalised hoops. As soon as I saw them I knew they had to be included here!


Something Special

Fancy jewellery

While Poppy Lockets offers a variety of charms and lockets, Helen's other business, The Jewel Genie offers a wide selection of some of the most fab-u-lous statement jewellery from bangles to earrings to necklaces. I adore the Lily pendant necklace* I have... The gold is the perfect colour to match the majority of my other jewellery whist the design and sparkle are the perfect addition to any outfit; smart or casual!
I also have the stunning peacock shaped "Imperfect Beauty" earrings* and three of the geometric bangles* (which are 3 for 2 when you buy them!) and I love the fact that even as a stay at home mum without many opportunities to go out, I can still pop on some accessories to jazz up my outfit and make me feel pretty.

Photos in a Frame

No one loves a bargain better than me... so when we made a trip to Poundland recently and found this amazing Poundland Peg Frame for, that's right, ONE POUND, I had to get it. Well, I had to convince John to buy it for me anyway. It is exactly the right size to peg some beautiful pictures of my family that I have printed on my Sprocket, and sits pride of place in my living room. You totally know that come Christmas I will swap the pegs and photos out for Christmas themed ones too!


Something for "Mum"

If you follow me on social media you may have seen that I am a bit of a sucker for light boxes and message boards... updating my speech bubble light box and peg letter board all too regularly. John knew that these gifts would therefore be perfect for me, and that is why they have to be included in my Mother's Day gift guide. The "Loveliest Mummy" messages of love jar is super cute... and it lights up!
As for the I Love You Mummy light I think it is not only super lush but it's a mirror too (because obviously I love seeing my make-up free face and unwashed hair scraped into a mum bun every time I walk through my front room. Ha!) In all seriousness they are such thoughtful and lovely gifts, and at around a tenner each they don't break the bank either!

Something they NEED

The perfect accessory (for their phone, camera etc.)

If you saw my  review of the Mobile Fun accessories for my Samsung Galaxy S8 you will already know that I love their Rose Gold finger loop phone case... something that if perfect for me both as a blogger and as a mama. I can guarantee you that a new, excited accessory for their favourite gadget is bound to make any mama happy this Mother's Day.

Something they WANT

A lie in

I cannot remember the last time I had the opportunity to sleep in past 8am; or had more than four hours sleep in a row. Or a night for that matter. If there is one thing that I would love this Mother's Day it would be for John to get up with the girls and do all the things I would usually do... Get breakfast sorted, make the coffee, do the chores, get some washing done; but most importantly keep everyone out of my hair while I have a lazy morning. It's so not going to happen but I can dream, right? Perhaps instead I should ask for breakfast in bed?

Time to themselves

Some of the best gifts that John has given me include my children, my jewellery and some other lovely items for me and our home. To be honest though my favourites have to be the times he keeps everyone occupied while I have a child free bath; complete with bubbles, candles and music. If I'm lucky I even have time to read more than half a sentence in my current book and use some new bath bombs or toiletries that he has bought me. I barely get a break or any time to myself these days, I am just so busy all the time. That makes moments like these so much more special, because I get to unwind, even if it is for only an hour or so.


So when it comes to choosing some perfect Mother’s Day gifts this year, I hope you now have all the inspiration you need! There are some really fabulous gift ideas here, so you will be spoilt for choice.


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